Huge Volume of Bare scheduler e-mails

Last month I got an e-mail from Bare that they knew how overwhelming it was to receive multiple e-mails from multiple project managers so they changed the process and would be sending a single Bare e-mail called DOSE. Okay, sounded great. I think it was discussed here on the forum and we gave Kudos for it.

BUT, now, in addition to the DOSE e-mail, I am still receiving multiple e-mails from Bare. My irritation level reached maximum just now as I received FIVE e-mails from ONE Bare scheduler, kgriffin, within 8 minutes this morning. I guess this means the new process is not working for them, or at least, it is not working for kgriffin. Is anyone else receiving an increased number of Bare e-mails rather than a single e-mail?

Below is the e-mail sent about the reduced number of e-mails:

BARE International: Daily Dose of BARE

To: Wed 2/24/2016 12:24 PM

BARE International is pleased to introduce DOSE (Daily Open Shop Email), literally a dose of awesomeness! In 2016 it is all about YOU!

We realize that receiving multiple emails from multiple Project Managers every day can be overwhelming. So, we have changed our process to make it better for you. In the coming days you will start to receive ONE email daily from BARE, your daily dose of BARE! This email will provide you with an overview of assignments available nearest to you, including a direct link to our Job Board to see the most up to date listing of Assignments, get more information about them, and apply for the Assignments you are interested in.

Wait, it gets better! You do not need to wait to receive the daily email, we encourage you to bookmark our Job Board
[] .

Check it whenever you are able, at any time, from anywhere. Be the first to apply or self-assign to your favorite assignments. We like to refer to this new process as Rise and Apply!

Between now and the end of March we are holding a contest. Please post a selfie with our Job Board bookmarked in the background on our Facebook or Twitter page and use the following #riseandapply. Four winners will be selected at random and will each earn $25.00.

We hope you are as excited about this new process as we are! We look forward to seeing all of your selfies!

Facebook: []
Twitter: []

Thank you!

Your BARE International Project Team

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I've been getting more than the main daily, just not too many. It could be because there isn't much here. While the concept of the daily shop list is great, I'm not thrilled with the reality since no locations are listed and you have to go to the site to search and apply. At this point I'm wiling to attribute the inconsistency to everyone getting used to the new system.

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I noticed the same thing, and I actually turned off email notifications from them. It was just too much.
Yes, I noticed that too. However, I am not too concerned about that, as most of them do not apply to me. What concerns me right now was the email about the check being mailed March 11, 2016. And why do they send this payment notification with a "No Reply" addy? If they did not email me, I would not have known about the delay until later.
I'm considering turning off the messages as the shops in my area are few and always the same anyway.

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It's the end of the month, Easter is here. All bets are now off. It isn't just Bare. I am receiving tons of emails from multiple companies, including several companies I am not registered with that are getting my info via Jobslinger and other job board sites. I learned it is part of the beast.

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