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Just wanted to warn you about this company. I did a shop for them that required a purchase. No where in the directions did it have a minimum purchase, and it even said that I could return the item. I purchased a 30 cent pack of gum, and they wouldn't pay me because they said I didn't purchase a large enough item. When I asked how much the item had to me, they couldn't answer me. Both people I spoke with there were extremely rude and unhelpful (even the owner, Jason Rivera). They are a very bad company with very poor ethics. Thank you for letting me vent.

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There is one shop in my area that I have done for them several times. Their payment for the first one was not in the time frame quoted in their materials and when I contacted them for non-payment the payment appeared in my Paypal account within several hours, followed up with an email from them indicating their records showed I had been paid and any delay in payment was probably that Paypal had been working slowly. Now on their website they show their payments as the 15th-31st of the second month after you do a job. So if you do a job February 1, they will still be making "timely payment" if you see your money by April 30th. Too long for a reimbursement in my opinion.
I agree, their reimbursement is way too long. They also never accept responsibility, as with you they made it into being Paypals fault instead of their fault. I know they pay a lot, but they really aren't a nice company at all.
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This is weird. I have done many restaurants for them, family style. Never had a problem, got paid when said...maybe it depends on what you do. They have a restaurant chain that I enjoy and they give you a flat fee of 34 bucks, not bad for lunch. They don't have any other shops in L.A.
For my November job it was paid "in the time frame" but a job done in early November paid for on January 25th by paypal for a measly $34 reimbursement only shop really is not worth running after. It is especially uninteresting since that $34 is for two people for dinner and the required purchases plus required tip ran to $41.36.
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I just do their lunch shops, and sometimes go alone where there is no drink and you have to bring someone up to 30yrs. So, $14.00 for lunch and $34.00 fee is o.k. for me.
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