Second to None $1 PayPal fee

I received a payment from Second to None this morning that was one dollar short of my shop fee. The PayPal email indicated that there was a monthly $1 fee assessed for shoppers who elect to be paid by PayPal. I don't recall seeing this fee before. Is this new?

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From years ago I remember that there is one company that has a $1 charge for using Paypal and another that has a $1 charge for using a payment method other than Paypal. If I recall correctly, each one offers a no cost option. If it is STN that charges for using Paypal that must be the one that does direct deposit NC.
You are correct, Flash. They do offer direct deposit for no charge. However, I had never been charged a fee for using PayPal with them previously. It doesn't bother me that they do this--it just bothers me that it was seemingly sprung on me without warning or a notice to change to the no fee option.
Thanks for the heads up... I haven't done a shop for them in a few months but was paid by Paypal without a fee. I'll look into switching to DD.

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I communicated with Second to None, and they told me that the the fee has always been in place. I guess I just got missed in the 1.5 years I have shopped with them, and this was the first time they assessed the fee for me. The fee is stated clearly on their website. I guess I missed it. Thanks for the feedback, everyone.
I missed it too... I've been shopping with them for over a year and have never had it assessed.

Shopper in California's Bay Area
Thanks to all who brought this up! Because of this thread, I went back into my STN account and double checked. While I was already set up for direct deposit, my bank info was outdated! (It had been years, literally, since I've done a shop for them). And I just did a shop for them last I updated it and all is set now. But THANKS for starting this thread, otherwise my payment would probably have been lost in cyberspace!!!
I had PayPal with them until I started doing more shops. I was unable to switch to direct deposit on their website. I had to call them to get it processed. They made the change for me to input my account info on their website.

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