Second to None - no payment

I did 2 jobs for Second to None about three or so months ago yet I haven't received payment from them. I can't find the jobs anywhere on my account page at Second to None but I'm not sure if I'm looking in the right place. Where would I look? Are they a dependable MSC? I'm worried. I've written them twice and not received a reply.

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Shop Status is where you would have initially checked to make sure your reports were accepted and if any issues arose.

The Report Center is where you track your payment status.

Use your records and the paperwork you saved to identify the actual dates, clients and other pertinent data so you can provide STN with specifics.

They are very reputable and communicate very well.

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They are reliable. Look on the left side of your dashboard under payment history.

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Your situation is not common because all the jobs I did during the same month as you were directly deposited to my bank account. Schedulers like Bree are great when it comes to getting proper compensation on assignments outside our normal range of travel.

1. How many times have you contracted SecondtoNone through email or phone without getting any results? Usually Bree responds in minutes after asking for one of their cool jobs, I like Bree and will pick working for her over other companies because she is totally cool.
s2n is one of the most reliable mscs that i work with. they pay as stated, their reports don't require a lot of narrative and their schedulers (especially bree) reply verrrry quickly to any issues that arise (and there are very few that arise).
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