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I just applied for and was accepted for a recorded phone shop earlier today. Then 2 hours later I was sent a list of 24 people that I am not allowed to talk to! That seems to me an excessive amount of people to avoid. This seems more in the territory of a targeted shop. Not sure how many people work in this facility but I might end up spending a lot of valuable time on one $5 phone call. Has anyone else done any phone shops for them?

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I have done 100's of phone shops for this MSC; some recorded others not. The scheduler is good about communicating with you so I would suggest voicing your concerns - Usually they only want a specific number of tries before they either want you to end the call or allow you to shop whomever answers the phone on the third call (for instance). When I had "targeted employees" I was given a list of dates the target worked. I tried on those dates and if I did not reach the target on three of the dates listed I was able to shop whomever answered the call. Email your questions to the scheduler and they will work with you.
Thank you for your suggestion! Didn't even think about an email. I was so surprised by the list I just mentally started to back away. Hopefully will get a response today.
It went great. I could actually see the guidelines before confirming the shop. I usually cannot see guidelines for other MSCS who use sassie until after I self assign/apply AND confirm. I didn't double check that. I did email the scheduler, but once I found my answer I let her know that I no longer needed assistance. I only had to make 2 tries and then could perform shop on whoever answered the third time. I panicked for nothing anyway, an approved target answered on my first try. So all well that ends well. Thank for your help everyone!
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