Another Cirrus Marketing Non-Payment Issue

I just filed a report with the BBB against Cirrus Marketing for non-payment. I did 3 apartment shops for them 4/5/2016. To-date: reported,Invoice, contacted and still No payment.

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This company's average payment is 5 months after the shop is accepted. I would research the prior Cirrus threads on this forum to read about other shopper's payment experiences.

As far as your BBB filing, it may fall on deaf ears. Cirrus more than likely won't respond to a BBB letter, which won't effect their rating. I would follow up with your invoice and report # with your Cirrus scheduler around the 5 month mark.

Sorry that you are going through this ordeal.
They are slow sometimes but, I've always been paid and honestly they are one of the better MSC's out there!
This is their pay schedule:

PROCESSING is last day of month end and generally hits PayPal no later than 3-5 days):

January - end of April
February - end of May
March - end of June
April - end of July
May - end of August
June - end of September
July - end of October
August - end of November
September - end of December
October - end of January
November - end of February
December - end of March

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It is now past the July pay date. Even so I read too many stories of non-payment. So I have file a report with the BBB.
Five months for payment when their payment is 3 months is not exceptable. Its time they learned a few lessons accountability. Are you willing to wait 5 months for your money?
Keep us posted. I have not had any reason to doubt them, but I have done 16 shops for them for over $600. I anticipate my first payment at the end of September...

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@ricwell wrote:

Five months for payment when their payment is 3 months is not exceptable. Its time they learned a few lessons accountability. Are you willing to wait 5 months for your money?

How are you going to make them learn lessons of accountability, Ricwell? Is your BBB complaint going to change the entire company's accounting methods? Do you really think that the BBB is going to knock on Cirrus's door one day, and say "Allright now, you have to change your entire payment structure and accounting methods because one shopper didn't receive their money as timely as they expected?" And BTW, you might want to send that same BBB complaint to Cirrus's client while you are at it, since they have more to do with when Cirrus receives the money to pay shoppers for the work that was completed. You are fooling yourself to believe that you'll change the entire methodology of a company's payment schedule, just because. I would keep doing what you are doing and send check in with the scheduler first to see if the invoice + work was accepted (which I think that you did), and then every 7-10 days after that or close to the payment schedule that HonnyBrown has provided in this thread.

While I agreed with your disappointment that you have to wait longer than 90 days for your money, I don't think that anyone hasn't not been paid by Cirrus if you check out prior threads to this.
I grabbed a shop from them. Realized it was an audit from H*ll... Over 1000 units to walk and then a huge report.

I joined this forum and checked them out.

I ended up canceling the shop "due to reading about their bad reviews and non-payment reputation". Then deactivated myself. I cant afford taking risks this early. Only shop I will ever cancel. Im doing my research up front thanks to you guys.

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Why run to the BBB? If they have violated the contract by not paying you by the due date, the place to file a complaint is small claims court. The MSC can either then payup, fight, or loose. But there is little that it can fight.
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