Anyone having payment problems with Bare?

I did an oil change shop for them and they only paid me the shop fee, no reimbursement. They did not have any problem with the shop. I have been asking for an update on the reimbursement for over 2 weeks now and I cannot get anyone to even answer my emails. Does anyone know what is going on? Or can anyone share a contact with me?

Thanks for any help.

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They have been totally reliable for me for years. If you are just sending mail to the help/contact tab it is going to a scheduler. Bare has their phone number at the bottom of dey website.

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I would call them. I find that they are easier to get on the phone than via email.

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I have never had any payment problem with them. They are in my Classy list because they were receptive to some comments made about some shops, unlike some MSCs who seemed to want to punish anyone who 'dares.'
The one and only payment problem that I had with them was an accounting error and got resolved quickly once I called and asked to speak with someone who handled shopper payroll.

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I do agree telephone contact is a lot easier than email.

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Yes go with telephone contact. Bare has always been one of the best and is actually one of the largest msps.

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