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I see some negative feedback about these folks here but its all out of date. I cant believe how these folks do business. I get an email yesterday from a scheduler about a casino job. The email stated to register with CHC solutions and then to email her back with all kinds of info as an application. I registered with CHC, and found no jobs were on the board. I needed more info before applying because I needed to know what all is involved and how compensation worked. The scheduler's initial email was extremely vague so I wasn't prepared to commit without more info. I emailed her back asking for more info and she copy and pasted the exact same email to me again stating that I should have read her email in the first place. She provided absolutely no additional info as I requested, she just insulted my intelligence. VERY RUDE. So I emailed her back the following "Sorry for the trouble, I was trying to get more information before actually applying as I consider an application to be a commitment. Thanks anyways." As I said, I just needed more info before agreeing and it seemed very sneaky that she was demanding a commitment without any info such as the time requirement (is this an overnight hotel stay or a brief casino visit?) and reimbursement limitations. This job is an hour and a half from my home so I definitely wanted to know exactly what was expected of me before accepting. He response was "No problem – have a nice life." This is insane! I fail to see how me requesting more info warranted such insulting messages from her! Sure enough I checked into them on all the forums and they have a rotten reputation. BEWARE of CHC solutions, MsScheduler, and mystshopsol !

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You are wise to insist on more information about these casino shops with that particular MSC, as they have demands and expectations that are nearly impossible to fulfill. You will be expected to document names, times, specifics, descriptions, spend $$, hang around for hours upon hours compiling names, times, etc. and not be looked at as suspicious by security. Then your report will be turned down. My advice ? keep moving.
Yes, I found all that in my research after the encounter. I definitely see why they refuse to provide any info before applying!
and you will be expected to go to a high limits slot room and $pend $ while "observing". One could easily go through boku $ while observing, and you may not get that $ back if the shop is rejected, which likely it will be, because you did not lurk around the roulette wheel long enough. this is definitely a 10 foot pole shop.
Crazy, I hadn't even got as far as considering all that, I just know I'd never work for anyone who spoke to me like that!
I am not a gambler by nature. Dad always said "They did not build Vegas off peoples winnings." I did this shop early in the year to get my foot in the door. My scheduler was also a shopper. They called me and went over every detail, gave we examples of what to do or ask. I was required to spend at least 2 hours on site and complete 9 interactions from a list of about 15. My high rollers choice was the Poker Room. I did 2 meals, had a beer at the bar, slot assistance (broke a $100), slot beverage, asked security were the smoking area was, asked where the loyalty cards were and registered a loyalty card. My shop was approved with no problem and I stayed within the budget allowed. I did make a lot of trips to the bathroom to compile notes tho.
You would be wise to avoid this msc. Like the OP, I was contacted about doing a casino job. No info at all about what the assignment entailed. I was just told, "Give me your available date." The casino was nearby so I agreed to do it. The reports were vague. I've done many other casino jobs for other msc and have never experienced such a strange system they have. Reimbursements were laughable...$5 limit at the bar, $15 limit at a restaurant, $5 at the gift shop. YOU CANNOT KEEP ANY OF YOUR TABLE/SLOT EARNINGS! Zilch! I had 13 different interactions, and when I calculated it, I was being paid about $4-5 each one!! It was sooo not worth it. They don't have a job board either, which I found odd.
Yeah, I was wondering if some of the people that said they had done their shops actually thought it was worth it. I was really just concerned with how the scheduler talked to me, but I see it wouldn't have been worth it anyways.
I did a shop for this company and the scheduler made me redo the report because it wasn't descriptive enough. So I did it again. Then she emails me and asks for receipts for my losses and receipts for any TIPS I gave to the dealer, cocktail waitress, valet, bartender, etc. I told her no and after she got snippy about losses, I told her that I had been in the casino biz for 20+ years and if I was to ask a cocktail waitress, a valet attendant, or a dealer for a receipt for the tips, that it would DEF GIVE AWAY THAT I WAS SHOPPING THEM!! Give me a break. And now, it's been a month, and I still haven't gotten paid. She actually emailed me and asked me to shop two more casinos. I have not heard anything back since asking if I was going to receive payment for this first shop. Stay CLEAR FROM THEM. My next problem is: do they have my SS#, I can't remember if I had to give that when I signed up. Anyone have insight on this......???
I sure wish I would have seen this board BEFORE doing a shop for them. They are giving me every BOGUS reason why NOT to pay me. I did the reports and corrected them, just as they asked. I told them I was going to contact the shop clients and let them know what kind of business they are doing. They said I would be breeching the "confidant agreement". I asked the legal dept to send me a copy. Still haven't heard from them.....
I have been shopping for this company since Sept. Monthly I complete a rotation. Their shops are the norm for casino shops. If you have completed these kinds of shop for other companies, I actually find they pay better. I look at it as a free date night. I had to clarify a few things on my first report. However, if you follow the survey sample they provide the report is fairly simple. I completed a shop for them this evening and was even able to get in touch with the scheduler during my shop. I have had no problem with pay.
I have worked for this company the past year. There are two people in this company. Hallie Koerner who lives in Fl. Mandy Houghton who lives in Ct.
These two ladies run this company between them. Not sure if they are related, but it seems so. There are no other people who work with these two lades. If you have a problem, there is no one to go too, accept these two. I have enjoyed working these casino shops. One is in Biloxi Ms. the other in Bay St louis. Ms. I basically made contact with Mandy who can be very sarcastic and rude in her texting. I ignored it because I enjoyed the shops. Every report I expected negative comments from my reports and usually received them. My last two shops, One at Bay St louis and the other Biloxi, were my last two I will do for the company. Bay St louis went as always. I follow through as I always do. There were no comments on my report. The Boomtown shop went as normal. My niece of 39 , ( who lost her mother prior to this) lost her husband of 40, suddenly. I made a trip to Knoxville TN, where I was consulting with this sudden death. I began receiving nitpicking texts from Mandy. I finally just had it and told her I would not be doing the shops anymore after these two. She made a rude comment because that is her way. She wanted to know why so I told her I was moving out of the area, which I was and was going to submit a final text to the company. A week later, I get this text saying my report has a false name on it. I was not going to get paid for my work. A few days later, I get a text saying I spelled 5 names wrong on the other report and would not get paid. These two shops totaled about $400.00 in pay. I was told I was dismissed from the company and would not receive my pay. I tried to reach out to this two by text, but received no response. So I called Hallie and got the run around. I would like to see the paperwork from these two transactions to prove they are not telling the truth in the matter.

WARNING:: You cannot trust this company especially when this is a private workings between two people and not a corporation. I can handle losing the $400.00, it is the purpose of this. This should be looked in to by BBB. Again stay away from shop.

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Why would you give out their home addresses?!

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@blimon wrote:

Their shops are the norm for casino shops. If you have completed these kinds of shop for other companies, I actually find they pay better..

Nope, and nope. CHC casino shops are NOT the norm. I've evaluated several different casinos, for several different msc, and CHC is the absolute worst of the worst. They don't give you any information prior, they simply ask for your available date. You agree on a day, and then they inform you that you have to evaluate 3 different bars after 11 PM, but you can only drink alcohol at one. You must get receipts for all 3 bars though (good luck ordering a Coke and getting a receipt without looking obvious). They don't let you keep any of your winnings. You get a whopping $5 reimbursement at the gift shop, in which the only item within the $5 limit is a candy bar! You calculate the fee and based on 13 interactions, you're getting paid approximately $4 each interaction.

I did an assignment at the exact same casino, back when another msc had it. When the original msc had it, I could keep my winnings, I was reimbursed $20 at the gift shop, and I did not have to go to the casino after 11 PM. I was paid $10 fee per interaction.

I'm mystified, Blimon, how you can say CHC's shops are the norm. Please enlighten me.
While pattyswanpyahoo's first post may have been unprofessional, don't disregard the message of it based on that. She was apparently burned and happened across this thread. Many have arrived here and first posted out of anger when things like that have transpired.

Some excellent shopper's who's opinions I trust have shared similar stories about the actions of the two women who run this MSC. It seems like when there is a disagreement, the shopper is always at fault and I would not being willing to take the risk of shopping for people who would deny reimbursement out of anger and spite.

If they are not getting the quality of shoppers they desire, it is likely that they have alienated a lot of the good shoppers. I am under the impression that as soon as shoppers refuse to work for abusive companies like this, the sooner their clients can move elsewhere and we can have have a more productive work environment for everyone.
My experience has not been the same with this particular company. I think I picked up pattyswanpyahoo's old route. My first shop,I had a few questions on the report for clarification. I have completed other Casino shops in the Biloxi area for other companies....many of the guidelines are far as interactions. The difference is, you can't keep your winnings. My experience has been positive thus far. I am not saying that others do not have a valid perspective. I have been doing this particular route for CHC for three months and have not had problems wifh payment.

My interactions included a meal, valet in/out, one bar, slots, beverage servers and a table game. This company will reimburse for your table game and slot interactions. I have done a shop with another company with the same number of interactions, the pay is lower and they do not reimburse for any gambling interactions. (Table games/ slot machine.)

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I shopped for this company for several months with no issue. The casino was two hours from my home and I had to get several other shops to make the route go. I had no issues for several months and was paid in a timely manner and they seemed happy with my reporting. Then the nit picking started. And the requests to go at odd times, ie. after 4:00 PM which, with the travel time and the interactions required (Bingo that started at 9:00 PM) would get me home in the wee hours of the night, traveling rural roads in the dark. I thought all would be fine when I scored two different casinos with them in the same area. Both needed to be completed before 4:00 PM and that wouldn't have been an issue EXCEPT I had to go 20 miles on a dirt road or an hour out of the way on paved roads. I took the dirt road option which was horribly filled with pot holes and I had to go very slow. I arrived at the last casino in an okay amount of time, and told the complete truth on my interaction times (I should not have done this). My last food interaction started before 4:00 PM but the food was delivered after 4:00 PM......the same employee served me throughout the meal BECAUSE the employee coming on shift was late. I heard this conversation and noted it in my report. After reporting the shop and several nasty emails back and forth about the shop not being completed prior to 4:00 PM, I thought I would not be paid. I finally told them, "Only you will know how to proceed on this, you are the boss." I WAS paid but they have never asked me to do another shop. I honestly believe, after reading these posts, that it's an odd personality issue with them, and it seems the stories follow the same theme.
@gallupgirl wrote:

I honestly believe, after reading these posts, that it's an odd personality issue with them, and it seems the stories follow the same theme.

It seems like you handled the handled your issue in a professional, yet non-confrontational way. Glad to hear that it paid off for you in getting the shop paid.

Seems like that may be the best advice in dealing with the MSC I've heard...and also a good window into dealing with the particular personality issues that existing shoppers can utilize. If/when you have a problem, don't challenge them. Once you get paid, you can always make the decision to discontinue shopping for them, but it seems like any shopper who pushes back has their situation quickly escalated to a combative place.
spot on, Steve. This MSC and their casino shops are bad news. This first time CHC pulled this was the last time for me. Nitpicking, rudeness, nearly impossible-to-complete shop instructions that guarantee you will be revealed as a shopper, and NOT get paid. CHC covers all their bases, on the backs of the shoppers. I would not trust them as far as I could throw them. Wondering what those 2 do with the "incomplete" shops...hmmmmm.
Exactly! I always watch out for companies that reject shops over tiny little things and never shop for them again. Especially the companies who make you front a lot of money on a larger purchase. I don't buy it that they aren't getting paid for these shops on their end. It's so unethical for them to collect on their end and refuse to pay the shopper. I worked for a company for 8 years with no issue and they suddenly started rejecting shops for blurry pictures. They did this to me 3 times and the pictures were perfectly fine not blurry at all. They claimed they weren't being paid for them so they wouldn't pay me. I didn't buy it. It completely ruined their reputation in my eyes and I never shopped for them again
I'm kinda wondering how this company keeps shoppers long-term. I shopped with them for a couple months, but after all the work involved I had to stop working for them. Eventually I would think they would either run out of decent, dependable shoppers or just prey on the gullible. It's a shame, I enjoy casino shops with the other msc. It's fun to play the slots on someone else's dime. I never win big, but it's ridiculous to have your winnings deducted from your already-ridiculously-low pay. It is very obvious that this is a 2-employee msc. They appear pretty disorganized and vague about guidelines. YMMV
Hello everyone. This is my first time here and WOW....I agree with most of the posts here. I have conducted shops for CHC and M*ndy (in my opinion) is so rude and condescending. I am scheduled for one more shop on 1/21/17, and I think I will make this my last. It takes every fiber of my being not to respond in kind they way she speaks in her emails. I just won't take it for that measly $70-80 per shop. H*llie does not seem as bad and actually complimented me on how great a shop I conducted, but that OTHER one....she needs to get a clue because she definitely needs to work on her people/communication skills. Life is too short to put up with CHC's foolishness.
I'm particularly interested in this thread because I shop in one of the areas mentioned, and have shopped most of the casinos in the area. I used to shop the specific casinos alluded to for at least one of the named employees under another msc (BARE, I think?) I am puzzled, however, as I remember her as being pleasant and helpful to work with. I am tempted to give it another shot because my husband and I particularly like staying at the one casino's hotel. One thing that people have not mentioned is that casino shops can be more profitable than mere payments from the msc would indicate. When you are using your club card, you build up loyalty points rapidly. The casino I mention is very generous with free rooms and free meals at my favorite seafood buffet on the gulf coast. I do not believe I parted on bad terms with this scheduler, although I do remember badly screwing up timings on one of my last shops (wee small hours--I don't usually mind outrageous hours--esp. with a bonus--if I have a room to stay in.) But my recollection is that they no longer had the chain's contract. Anyway, forewarned is fore-armed, right? It will be a test for those people skills!

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I met one of the principals of this company in person. I met her at a casino that she was evaluating, and I was her guest during one of the meals that was part of the evaluation. I met her at her request, as she was considering using me as an evaluator for a different project. During the course of the meeting, she spoke of another shopper who was working on the project. She used his first and last name and she made fun of him - calling him "weird" and "un-presentable" and an "embarrassment". I found it very unprofessional of her to discuss another shopper to me - using first and last names, and subjective unflattering descriptions of him.

I have shopped for this company and do not currently shop for this company. I think it is safe to say that I do not like them and they do not like me. I know a fair number of people who have shopped for them or currently shop for them. Those that do shop for them seem happy with the equity of the relationship, those who do not shop for them anymore have had falling outs with them - all on the personal level - and all related to not being compensated for all or part of what they felt was due them.

I echo what Steve said - if you choose to shop for them, and an issue arises, do not challenge them. Wait until you are paid and then make a decision to continue to work with them or not.
The OP needs to fix the subject line. The bulletin board mystshopsol has nothing to do with the problem with CHC, nor does any 3rd party site that lists them or that they use to promote their services.

My posts are solely based on my opinions and for my entertainment, contact a professional if you need real advice.

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