Confero shop cancelled?

Never did a shop for them. Signed up to accept 1 shop. It was subsequently cancelled. Is this common for them?

I just read about their late payments, so not too concerned, just curious.

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I had a shop scheduled today at an office supply store and it was cancelled this morning.
That stinks... especially when traveling. I've had a shop canceled through another company but they called me immediately. Apparently a shopper had been taking 2-3 days to report their shop after doing it, and when they saw it was unassigned they freaked out and called immediately to the company. Kind of poor taste in my opinion and that shopper often gets the spot I was going to shop. Has happened four times in the past two months. Shame on them. Of course, when the shopper has completed it for $5 and I was going to get $30... I guess the mystery company would rather wait it out and deal with a stinky shopper.

That being said, were you guys doing a shop for a bonus? I've heard of rare instances of a shopper who waited too long to take a bonus shop see it disappear from the board and they write in to say they could do it for X less than the bonus. Suddenly your $20 shop with $75 bonus disappears because the other guy said they had trouble signing up yesterday for the $20 shop when it was $50 bonus -_-

There could be a lot of reasons a shop was cancelled. Maybe there are problems with the guidelines or the store manager came down with a sudden illness. I'm just guessing. I'm not a scheduler but it seems to me that any number of unforeseen circumstances could cancel a scheduled shop.
I was auto cancelled, emailed them, signed up for the next day for the same shop, performed it, submitted it and got a good grade.

Sometimes in life you have to roll with the punches. I finished the shop, made money, and they got a report that impressed the client.

All in a day.

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