ATH Power Schedulers... Where are you?

On Monday, a bunch of shops were made available for a very large bank - several for each of their branches... The due date is 9/30... I signed up for my 3 closest branches - one for Wed, Thur, and Friday... And they have yet to be scheduled... So they are all due by tomorrow and today is half over...

Am I the only one they haven't scheduled or rejected an application for? Also applied for some phone calls (the same ones I did last week that were assigned after their due date...) and have not heard on them...

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I got an email from the scheduler for what I suspect is the same bank (reached out through a scheduler I know) and was told that the were still awaiting final details from the client. I was told that they now expect to assign shops for next week. The end date shown on the job board have now changed. I have been deleting applications as time has passed. Today, I requested some of them again for early next week. I agree that the system of posting shops and then ... nothing ... is less than ideal. Since this is a new type of shop for a relatively new client, I am willing to chalk this up to growing pains.

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I've had the same problem with not getting an answer on an application. Finally one of mine was approved and I shopped it. I'm waiting now to see if it gets paid based on problems I've been reading about on here with their payments. I'm sure not impressed with ATH enough to jump on and do a bunch of work for them at this point.
You don't get everything you apply for. There is a 2 month month rotation between account opening shops, and a certain types of shops can be done once a year.

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In my experience, it is not unusual to apply for a shop with ath, have the shop completion date go by and then be assigned the shop. Or have the shop placed back on the job board with a new deadline. The schedulers at ath don't seem to run a very tight ship. Given the issues I had with getting paid last month I am holding off on doing any shops for them.
In my last shop recently, I did not have to wait for acceptance. It came promptly. The scheduler actually called me and I received more emails after that.

From my recollection, granted I seldom do shops for them, the schedulers have always communicated with me in a timely fashion. I don't recall having any problem with payments. Ath Power is in my classy list.
rising, their September payments were about a week late. This month, they were a few days early.

"There's so much trouble in this world; surrounded by miracles" - Citizen Cope
My wife and I had done over three hundred shops for ATH over a four year period. Of course shops with ATH never get graded. On one shop I was questioned about the individual I had met with. ATH claimed the individual was not at the location on the date of the shop. They accused me of fraud. I cannot get any additional shops with ATH. I never committed fraud and my wife was not even involved in this particular shop.
I think I just got SCREWED by ATH, be aware and cautious.
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In regards to your shop for ATH, who did you speak with at ATH? I recently had a bank shop that the Branch stated the person did not work there. I was not accused of fraud. They just asked me to verify. I personally called the branch first (as a customer, not shopper) and gave the description of the person I saw and asked for their name, I stated I left a pair of sunglasses on the counter. The banker stated that sometimes the tellers from other banks cover for each other during vacations and such. I was also told this by the CSR, who was covering for another, she told me this when I observed her business card from another branch. You need to talk pleasantly to the person in charge of the bank you went to at ATH. ATH would not screw you, you should know that if you have done all those shops for them.
What does your wife have to do with this shop? They also have cameras at the banks, they could prove that you were there with the teller you mentioned.
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