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I signed up for my first two shops with Jancyn. I noticed that you have to tell them a time you plan on doing the shops. How strict are they about this? I just found some more shops to add to that same day but the timing is better if I switch the order of Jancyn's two shops. Should I contact them to change my times or isn't it that important?

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In my experience, any time within the time range in the guidelines is fine. Just has to be the same day you are scheduled.
The time of day is not a big deal as long as the shop is done on the day you selected, and as long as the time is within the guidelines. If you want to change days, that's a reschedule.
I do many for Jancyn and exact time is not important, staying within a hour works for me, the day being important as they do these a lot and need to not over schedule. I usually put own I'll be there at 11:00 AM, and usually get there between 10 and 10:30...never heard a word about it. Nice company, easy shops.

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If it's a food shop with lunch or dinner specific hours it's inportant.
It's a clothing store.

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For some clients, it is not as important the time of day that you visit; for some, the time of day is important. Please contact your Jancyn scheduler for the clothing shop to determine if it is okay to visit at a different time. The scheduler's contact email will be in the shop instructions.


Ginny Switt, Project Manager
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