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I have just about had it with companies listing your fees as PAID but no money is in Paypal and no email from the MSC.. Anyone else with 11/10 Payment from Confero?

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al, they use PayPal so there will be a gap. That's how PayPal makes money. The funds left Confero's account on the 11/10, but we won't see it in our PayPal accounts until when? Then we turn around and send those funds from PayPal to our bank, and there is another lag. That's more money for PayPal. Transfers can be done a lot quicker since the funds are electronic/imaged. But that would mean less money for PayPal.

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Still no money.Received Other payments today but no confero. Called PayPal. My email is OK. No responses from Confero.
Finally got paid today. Had to ask a SCHEDULER for help. 2 hours after emailing her money was in PayPal account. Thanks Shirley
I've contacted Confero's shopper payment email four times inquiring about non-payment for a shop I did back in September. After not receiving any replies, I contacted the scheduler who responded stating that she forwarded my email to the company owner. Still no replies.....I contacted the scheduler again and now she won't reply back to me either. Any suggestions on how I can get my payment or another way to contact Confero other than the shopper payment email address or the scheduler?
Wow, I have completed shops with them and now I'm wondering if I'm going to get paid.

What is the customary pay date? Are they late for a lot of people?

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