Mintel--Payroll question ...

Hey everyone,

I know I have seen a few postings about Mintel that folks like shopping for them and fast pay.I just accepted 3 jobs from them,and I couldn't find a pay schedule on their site, does anyone know the pay schedule.


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I have never figured out a real schedule with them and never needed to. I was paid by direct deposit 6/17 for work performed and reported 6/11, paid 4/20 for work performed and reported 4/9. My only regret is that they do not have more in my area. Payment has never been an issue and there have never even been any payments that 'fell in the cracks' and were overlooked.
Hey Flash,

I just signed up with them and within a couple of days I was offered a few jobs,but they don't seem to have that many jobs in my area either.Thanks for your replay--have a great week-end...
They rarely have anything here anymore. I loved the shop they used to have. Paid well and was EASY, and they paid quickly.

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I took have never really figured out a schedule. I've noticed that usually a few days after an asignment has been accepted, the payment is processed.
They are quick and I really never hear anything from them. I did a group of shops on the 24th and the 25th they were approved for payment. I expect the payment will be processed in a few days and then a few days after that it will be like Christmas when I open my bank account to see the nice little direct deposit.
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