What are the consequences for giving a yellow shop back to Maritz if you're concerned about going back?

Maybe I need to get over myself, but the staff member at the location last night was so hostile, I really don't want to meet up with him again. There was a second staff member on duty who went ahead and told me to complete the audit. When I came back inside after taking my outside photographs, the reluctant one was yelling at someone on the phone. (Yes, assumptions can be dangerous, but this seems like a reasonable one to me.)

The problem is that they want me to go back and retake some pictures. I really, really, really don't want to go. Has anyone else ever refused to go back for any reason? What happens?

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Much would depend on which photos are needed. If it's any inside like food offer or the like I would make sure to go at a different time of day so it's a bit less likely that you'd run into one of the employees working a shift during that time frame.

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It does not seems like the staff member was hostile to you or reluctant. Why do you think he was hostile to you? Like suggested, Go at a different time of day if your pictures need to be retaken. if the employee is there, it should not have any reflections on you. Just do your job. Then the difference between getting paid the original fee or not.
I didn't describe the entire incident. While I may need to get over myself and go back anyway, the man was definitely hostile.

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Have you return to the station? Has MCX withdrew you from the shop? Is the GS attendant still hostile? Are you getting paid?
@PiperTWilson wrote:

Maybe I need to get over myself, but the staff member at the location last night was so hostile, I really don't want to meet up with him again... The problem is that they want me to go back and retake some pictures. I really, really, really don't want to go.
You can't let people intimidate you. You will need to grow a thicker skin in life, in mystery shopping and definitely in this forum.
I have worked for Maritz for over 7 years, if you don't go back. They
will not let you do anymore of these shops. Read your contractor's

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I've had that happen and unfortunately Sybil is right. You just need to be the authority figure here and go in and do your job. You're not going to get attacked. That would be ridiculous. If anything they'll kick you out and you would just report back to Maritz that they would not allow you to finish the audit. Then it'll be out of your hands.

There's also a decent chance that the same person will not be working when you go back.

Seriously, nobody cares that you're offended.

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I disagree that he would be in trouble. I have a couple of times not completed gas stations because I got there and didn't feel safe. Of course that's just two out of hundreds, but still. I called them and explained that I would like them removed and why, and had no trouble at all. I am still doing that brand. Now, if it's just one hostile employee, I would take my spouse with me to get the remaining pictures. I would have them just pretend to be a random customer and browse or something until I was finished. I would just have them there to make me feel better, basically. I'd also be sure to wear my vest, carry a clipboard and wear the name tag in order to look as official as possible. People like that can be very unpleasant, but unless you are really afraid he will physically attack you, just get it over with.

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I agree with Sybil and Hoju. Don't let the guy intimidate you. Go back and finish your shop.
Piper, another thought. The yellow stations seem to have more tick-tacky editors than the other brands. What I have learned to do is take 4 pictures of the overall interior, 1 from each corner holding the camera high. For the product I take an angled shot of an end cap including as much of the aisle as possible and repeat this twice more. If there is a deli counter, which is rare, that is my food picture. Fruit will satisfy the food shot but be sure not to take just a close up. Take the whole counter or area. If there is a roller grill with those in-edible hotdogs spinning that is good. Sandwiches can be tricky as only fresh made qualifies as food. Pre-packaged does not. In addition to the coffee machine I take the cappuccino machine, if there, and the fountain, if there. I can't remember if an ice cream freezer picture is required or not. But take it just in case. The outside pictures are a little more straight forward. This may sound like a lot but it only takes a few additional minutes to over-shoot while you are there. It beats having to go back.

There have been a couple of programs recommended on this forum to re-size batches of photos down to 640 x 480, which Maritz requires. Pixresizer is the one I use.

I am doing 20 of these shops the last week of this month which will be the first for 2017. I'll update my reference guide to see what is new.

Good luck, stay tough.
If someone is hostile or does not want you in their store. Ask them if you have their permission to complete the audit. If they say yes finish it. If they say no walk across the street and take two overall pictures and report that they refused to let you do the shop.
LIJake Excellent suggestions!

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