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When i log into BestMark, it shows that there are no shops available within 50 miles. I even extended it out to 200 miles, out of curiousity, but still nothing. They've always had at least a few shops in my area, mostly auto dealerships, so i dont understand. Is anyone having this problem or is it just me?

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there's only a few in a my area, probably about 40, which is low. I live in a high metropolitan city. I was able to snag one for today.
My area was recently updated; over 50 locations available now and I'm not in a major metropolitan area. None of the travel reimbursements are available though.
Mostly automotive shops show in my area.

fishgirl40, have you tried searching "Travel Locations"? Plug in different locations. May shed some light.
So the rumors that they lost their auto client are untrue then perhaps? I was checking my area and nothing has released yet. I valued those precious oil changes!

Update! Just went and checked and they did post 19 shops in my area. Woohoo. I love getting free oil, y'all winking smiley

It appears they only lost the luxury line of their big client. Those shops have been on another job board for at least a week.

Talking tough is easy when it's other people's evil and you're judging what they do and don't believe.
I also re-checked and now they are showing up again. Yay! I am overdue an oil change. Lol
I had heard the luxury shops were showing up elsewhere. Perhaps they were just causing too much of a problem for not being assigned due to not a lot of folks owning them that did mystery shops. *shrugs* happy that my brand is still being shopped grinning smiley Schedule myself an oil change for next week. Woohoo.

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