What's the highest offer Marketforce has accepted from you?

My husband has gotten as much as $60, but after reading the successes of others here, I'm going to tell him to up his ante on some of his other shops. He's being low-balled in other areas for sure!

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I have a question, how do you submit offers for jobs at Market Force? I am new so this is all new to me.

Hey yall!! Im new too MS could someone tell me if i can make an offer on all shops with all the different MS companies? Or can i only do that with MF and how will i know if I can make a offer or not? Thanks!!
I have gotten $100 for the blue globe cellular stores a few times. Also $75 for childcare center tours. As well, $80 for gourmet cinnamon rolls. But then sometimes a $30 bonus bid is declined... Its a gamble for sure!

Sometimes there is a "Make An Offer" tab when viewing a shop. Also schedulers may call you.

I regularly get $50-$100 for rural gas stations and fast food restaurants in my area. I have a good relationship with a US based scheduler. Sometimes, I also get these large bonuses using the make an offer feature on the website. The biggest bonus I have ever received was $150 for a cell phone shop using the "make an offer" feature on the website.
Omg I lowballed myself when a scheduler called me ...Sheesh lol I just ",doubled " the cell shop omg ...Again

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I've not shopped with them in a good while- since they changed their system. I shopped when they called you all the time. I live in a very rural area. A lot of little towns in between many fields. One shop was a good ways away and no other shops available to bundle. I was paid as high as $100 For that particular one. But like I said. It was a good ways away and nothing in between. Plus, It was Due that day too.
I've gotten 50$ for shops that were an hour away, once 90 $ for a shop that was an hour and a half away, but way in the boonies .
Related, but not MF. Had a scheduler that thought 1-1.5 hr drive one way was local and only offered me $15 bonus. This happened weekly for a while. I never said no, but she got impatient with me and asked me to name a price. As the reports were long and tedious, I asked for $300 on a $45 shop. I really didn't care to do the shops again, unless I was handsomely paid. She stopped pestering me real quick.
The ms company called me and offered $100.00 to do a cell phone shop only 25 miles from me. I was like, Yeah!! And also, they paid quickly.
I have only had success with Maritz. Ive had 50 to 100 dollar bonuses with them. I tend to turn down MF a lot because of the low base pay. Where do you bid for Market Force? Either way I have never had a succesful offer through a Market Force call.
I kept getting calls to do a ff shop that was 45 minites away. The bonus was always the same as the original fee, making the fee $10. I always declined. Never thought ro make an offer. One day a foreign scheduler called me early on a Saturday, waking me up. So, I was irritated. He asked me to make an offer. I blurted out, "$50!" He immediately said yes!

NOTE: I'm not on the forum every day. If someone comments on my post, I might not reply right away. I've been a shopper since 1991. I've never done any work for a MS company in any other capacity.
I requested $3 on top of the original #5 that was offered and that was approved. . For another shop that was farther away I requested $10 addl for a shop that was 50 miles total drive time and it was declined.
Market Force is now offering fast food shops for $4.25 plus reimbursement! UGH. The same ones I've been doing for 16 years for a minimum of $5 plus reimbursement. They aren't getting many takers for that price. This month, I did 22 fast-food shops for them, and 12 of them were for $15 each plus reimbursement. When I calculate time, distance, and gas, that's the fee I need to get. When they're desperate, they'll take it. When they aren't, I get to eat real food!
I just answered that question on a different shop. Market force does shops in the intercity. They do not tell the shopper "only crazy people or experienced people need apply. I am not crazy, I have been trained to work in that environment. It can be dangerous, even in the day time"shots fired is heard on police radios" I am worth the money especially on deadline day.

You can have everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want ..Zig Zigler
I wish they used ="make an offer" all the time they need an offer or the email bulletins on special shops! It would save everyone time and money and those calls would be far fewer, if at all. The calls take ten minutes each, and I have to listen to the shop rules (which I've memorized) before the call ends. That and the "how are you" chit chat in a heavy, not Atlanta, accent. They know I will not take a shop for less than a $40 bonus during the daylight hours and $75 for rush hours, so the calls are fewer now, but I often just roll my eyes when I see that (faked I might add) 925 area code pop up. When they first started calling they were offering $1 bonuses and haggling in fifty-cent increments. Please!

Yes, I know not everyone is on the web 24 x 7, but if I am looking for work I will be on the web and will make my offers. They know my work is quality and know what work I will and won't do.
Hello, I'm new too and experienced the same situation. The shop fee initially listed was $4.25 then went up to $6.00 the day of with the option of an offer. I think I went overboard (I'm a newby) but didn't want to lowball myself so I asked for $25.00. I'm trying to learn the ropes as well and stay within the norm when making an offer.
Right at the end of them doing a fast food chain that they no longer have as a client, I was called to do a breakfast shop. I didn't really want to do it that early on a Saturday morning and said so and they doubled the amount. I hesitated and then she said: "What the heck, how about $65 flat fee?" I jumped on that! ! ! Personally, I think schedulers knew a lot of them were going to get axed and were offering outrageous amounts to stick it to MF on the way out.
I once did a $10/$2 gas shop for $50/$2. I also was offered $30 to do a normally $7.50 + reimb ff shop. After that I refused to do a gas shop for $10/2, and a ff shop for $7.50 +reimb 80)
$175 for a cell phone audit and did three of them that day. Probably my best day ever with everything else I scheduled along the way.
Shop Addict says......its ok. Next time,do a proper assessment.
Check your times, drive time roundtrip, pre-shop preparation( reading guidelines,pulling up shop on internet,making copies of complex shops, shop time, photos etc, report time (I actually time myself)
Then you xan come up with a more objective amount, no guessing.
Akways ask for more, they can only say no, but they usually say yes!!!
Accepting the shop fee offered is always up to the shopper. My time is way more valuable than most of the original shop fees offered by Marketforce. The fee I accept is always dependent on gas, driving time to the shop and time filling out the report. When Marketforce did the (brand X) shops I never accepted less than $20 for a shop located in my own city, and they were paying $7.50 as a regular fee. If I had to drive farther to get to the shop location, the fee would escalate. It was not uncommon for me to get $75 for the shop that was 50 miles from home (I once even received $100 because it was an urgent shop). It's the same with (brand Y).
If shoppers value their time and don't think that just getting a meal is worth their time and effort, then the MSC will have to up the ante to get their shops done. Don't cheapen yourselves by accepting whatever the MSC wants to pay you. They need us more than we need them. There are many MSCs you can shop for, and there is always jobs available. Without the shopper, the MSC would not be in business.

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I got a burger shop with them yesterday for $15 plus reimbursement. They called me today offering $15 for the same shop, just a different location. I accepted. They originally offered it to me for $12, I told them I won't do it for less than $15. I seldom eat fries and don't feel like another grilled cheese sandwich, so I'll probably cut the sandwich in half and give the uneaten portion along with the fries to this homeless man that hangs around nearby.

I wasn't planning on going to that part of the city today but since it's only 15 mins away, I'll schedule something else to make my trip worthwhile.
I called one of my favorite schedulers last night and submitted a $30 offer for an evening gas station shop. The offer was approved immediately, the scheduler noticed a phone shop (1/4 mile away) and submitted a $25 offer which was also accepted.
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