$1 phone shops at CORI? does anyone really do these?

I have done a few phone shops for Bestmark, paying $5 and $6. Fair for the amount of time involved. Out of curiosity tonight, I checked the CORI list and they only pay $1 per call. Are they serious?

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I have never done a Phone shop for CRI and from the looks of the assignment, it simply is not worth it for $1. You are likely to be on the phone for 4 or 5 minutes, if not longer and to me, that simply is not worth one friggin' dollar when I can do shops that last approximately ten minutes, while getting paid $15-$50.
> Hey is is a double in increase from the fifty cent
> ones they used to have!

Seriously? Next they will want us to volunteer for free.

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I have been asked to make volunteer calls to several domestic violence shelters- not by CORI though. Good cause, but I didn't get enough info from the MSC.
There have been a couple of outfits with 50 cent phone shops. Usually promoted as 'Earn an easy $20--take only 40 quick and easy phone shops!!!!'
Although I'll take a $5 phone shop from time to time, I rarely do one below $8. And for $1? Or even $3? Certainly not!
Many years ago, I signed up for an undisclosed amount phone call shop. I got the shop and saw the fee of $.50. I emailed them to see what the correct fee was - if the decimal was in the wrong place or what. It must mean $5.00, right? Nope. 50¢. I emailed back to cancel saying that I never would have taken such a low amount. They cancelled it then marked me down. I fought that, too, and won, but sheesh! I never have done a shop for that company. Pay is way too low.

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Maybe they can get down to 1 cent and see who grabs that...oh, they can give a 5 cent bonus...and call it a fun shop!!!

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I did a lot of their 50 cent shops. What a waste of time!! It took alot longer than they advertised. They were for a rental place. Good luck getting off the phone with them in just a few minutes!

My other complaint about CORI is that you can never get right through to their support people. They keep me waiting for at least half an hour most times. Not worth it!!
There are, apparently, plenty of people who would do these $1 shops. Judging by their boards, they get booked pretty regularly. I, personally, never have and never will. I guess if you are sick or disabled and stuck at home, you might consider these. But then again, at $1 each, you really have to make A LOT of these to get any kind of reasonable return.
I do tons of these $1 shops while I am babysitting. I cant go anywhere, and I can get 15 of them done in no time. SUPER EASY to me. I fill out the report as they are talking to me, and it is all done within 3-5 minutes. I babysit 10 days a month, so these phone calls bring in an extra $150 a month. (I call while the kiddo is taking her hour nap)

If your sitting at home watching tv, why not make some extra money? There is no narrative and maybe 8 question.

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Bottom line is, as long as people keep accepting 50 cent and $1 shops, the low fee will stand. I don't care how easy it is, I will NEVER do a shop for that amount.
At least one person was honest about why they take these shops. I can accept someone doing these while multitasking. Such as child care, Since she is knocking out $15 an hour without travel or additiomal input time, I applaud her time management skills.
My issue with the phone calls that now seem to have risen a little in price
is the honesty issue up front of what is required.
Stop using the word "quick" when we do not know a return call is required from the
company in question. There goes QUICK!
when i started i did 5 calls for CORI that were 2 bucks and it wasnt bad... actually enjoyed it... the clients knew they were being shopped... now... a buck heck no...

had a really good one that paid me 5 a piece for 15 calls for a grand total of 90 bucks... and they paid me twice... course it was a mistake and i returned it(the second payment)... mustof liked me... lol

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15x5=75, not 90.

Even for phone shops I draw the line on $7.00. It is just not worth my time for less.
I do a phone shop that pays $3.50. I get about 4 at a time and they take 10 minutes each. That is $21 an hour. Not bad, I think.
This is the same company that puts up department store and gas shops for $4, and they fly off the shelves... who knows..
My phone shops are not with CRI. I make the call and fill out the form as I speak. Net 10 minutes, at most.
I have made almost 200 dollars doing these. I have found that I can get most of them done in less than five minutes including making the call and completing the online form. I can do about twelve in one hour. When I first started doing them, of course, if took longer, but I am now able to complete them more quickly.

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