What does a green bar under "waiting to report to client" mean with regard to Maritz's website?

Does this mean an editor has reviewed my report and has accepted it with the condition the client accepts it at some unknown point? Or, does it mean the editor has not finished editing it?

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I was wondering the same thing. I just finished my first job for that company, and their screen layout leaves something to be desired.
Make sure you did the invoice thing. For them there is a button to click to submit for payment. Don't know the answer to your question though.
I can't recall exactly since it's been a while but I believe that's what shows up while it's waiting to be reviewed by an editor. Once it's reviewed and approved, it disappears from your view on the main screen. But do be sure you created an invoice for your shop and document the ID for your records.

Call Maritz and ask.

I've seen it and never had it sent back.

For me, I just shrug. They know where to find me if they need something more.
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