What's the deal with About Face's upper-end cosmetic store pre-certifications?

The other day, I started filling out their pre-certification questionnaire asking me which luxury items I have purchased. I have no problem with that. However, they are now asking me to input a photo of myself dressed professionally to show what I would look like should I be selected for one of their projects. I'm not thrilled about doing so, but I will if there's a potential for a big payoff. Has anyone done this for About Face and can say whether or not the upper-end assignments are worth doing?

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More companies should do that.
International Service Check required it for certain clients.
I use the same photo for every profile.
Hi mahemj, I have done those shops for AboutFace. I had done many of their regular cosmetic shops before, and was surprised when they asked me to send a photo of myself. I just sent something I had which was more of a party dress than a professional dress. Anyway, I did a couple of the luxury shops and found the reports to be longer than I expected. There is only one client, but I needed to go to 5 counters and fill out essentially 5 reports for each shop. On the other hand, I received so many good quality samples that they have lasted me months. I have not had to purchase skin care products since last year!
It's on my list of things to do to get a professional head shot taken to use for things like this....now, if I could only find a shop so I wouldn't have to pay for it....

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I have done these shops too. I have received a lot of nice cosmetics and skin care products and enjoy the interactions and tips that the advisors and make-up artists provide. It can be a bit cumbersome especially if it's a targeted shop, but I have received hundreds of dollars in free make-up and my friends like me as I'm always giving away the samples!
I have done these as well but have not seen any for months. I enjoyed them and thought the pay was good. I don't know what happened and why they are not posted anymore. Any thoughts?
One of the high end car shops required a full length photo of potential shoppers to ensure they looked the part. The shop was only available to males of mid-life crisis age.

Just curious, for the makeup shops, wouldn't the samples be available to everyone who sat for demo even without being on a shop?
I did their cosmetic shops for years, then when they got that grocery, didn't see them. i filled out the certification, ages ago, and have no problem with a picture, although that is a new thing. I enjoyed their shops.

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@KathyG wrote:

It's on my list of things to do to get a professional head shot taken to use for things like this....now, if I could only find a shop so I wouldn't have to pay for it....

KathyG, I had a passport photo taken a few weeks ago at Costco for 4.99. The guy did a fabulous job and posed me in front of an off white screen. I would think that shot would work well for this and you just scan it and send it in. You can dress however you want. Disclaimer...i do not work for Costco but I am a huge fan. Find a friend to take you over if you are not a member.
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