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Discussions About Certification

Do any of my fellow mystery shoppers have any answers to any certification

I've noticed once you get some certifications done your map that says jobs available that makes more jobs available happen to certifications cuz if you notice when you first going on and if you look at the job it says you're qualify for it so it's like 600 but just... Continue Reading

MSPA Certifications

MSPA Certifications. Have they been proven to be worth the cost, like does it open up more opportunities or is it just a money grab?... Continue Reading

Silverdale, WA - Trampoline Park Shop: $35 Profit + Reimbursement

Amusement Advantage has fun shops at a Jump / Trampoline Center location in Silverdale, WA available now! This shop pays $35 including $15 regular pay + $20 extra pay + reimbursement up to $100. To view the details and apply go to: www.amusementadvantage.com and click on Shopper's Login, then go to... Continue Reading

Silverdale, WA - Trampoline Park Shop: $25 Profit + Reimbursement

Amusement Advantage has fun shops at a Jump / Trampoline Center location in Silverdale, WA available now! This shop pays $25 including $15 regular pay + $10 extra pay + reimbursement up to $100. To view the details and apply go to: www.amusementadvantage.com and click on Shopper's Login, then go to... Continue Reading

Chanel Sunglasses certification quiz gigspot

Help please so i have been offer a chanel sunglasses shop but i have to take and pass with 100% the cert test first and i have retaken the test like 5 times and i still can get a100% so far the best i did is 85% and i printed... Continue Reading

IPSOS Certifications

Hi all! I am new to mystery shopping and just want to thank all of you on this forum for your advice and willingness to help others suceed in this as a profession. I have been shopping with second to none and marketforce but just signed up to shop for... Continue Reading

Sinclair certification help

I'm brand new (ipsos) and got a sinclair shop...great, but I have to complete this certification and cannot seem to pass. I've matched up the question with answers from the materials so i know they're correct. Is there a trick to this? TY... Continue Reading


I see a casino shop now requires a certification. I see the certification place requires 3 core certifications before you can do the casino certification. Do yíall pay for these? Do you ever ask the MSC to cover some costs? Iíd say Iím not as experienced as most of you. Iíve... Continue Reading

BP Certification

This certification quiz is ridiculous. I've taken it over and over and over again and can't pass it. I'm sure they must have a mistake on it. Anyone else have trouble with it? Any tips? Thanks.... Continue Reading

Should I take extra certification tests?

I've been MS for a few months now and have done a significant amount of shops since then. If I take available certification tests on MSC sites, will it make more jobs show up for me? Or do they show up anyway and I just take the certification test... Continue Reading

Certification Test - when can I take it again?

[b]deleted[/b]... Continue Reading

USPS New Requirements Certification?

The new Post Office shops came out and re-certification is required, according to the email. Well, I watched the video and searched for the certification test. Couldn't find it. So I selected shops, and now with the new self-assign feature, self-assigned them. Now what? Cannot find the test, there are no... Continue Reading


Do I need to get a certification? Thanks... Continue Reading

Five Guys Certification Test

It is very easy to pass. I had to take it to accept a shop this morning... Continue Reading

Whatís a Shopper Certification?

Good Morning, So Iím brand new, and as suggested, I have spent considerable time reading the forum, other info, and signing up at various shopping companies. That has allowed me to go into posted shops, and look at various types of shops, various requirements, etc. Very helpful indeed. One shopper... Continue Reading


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Coming Soon! Five Guys Certification!

Noticed this on the MSC's home page. I wonder if the change in the amount of fries in the bag discussion is part of this. Coming Soon! Five Guys Certification! August 12, 2021 In order to maintain eligibility for future Five Guys assignments, you will need to take and pass the Five... Continue Reading

Ipsos and stagecoach bank certification

I was never interested in any of these complaint-against-the-bank shops because I didn't think I could pull it off. But now I'm going to try a phone one. However, I cannot pass the certification!! Have failed 5 times. Any tips?? I can reach out to the scheduler but this... Continue Reading

Failing Certification Exam

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Gapbuster certification issue

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

IpSos Certifications

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Mspa certification

I joined Mspa and now Iím locked out of the site. Does anyone know of an email or phone number I could call them at to find out whatís going on?... Continue Reading

Hazmat certification

I've failed to get 100% twice now - though have done hundreds of these shops. :( I'm certain on most of the questions but the pictures of the mailers are too small for me to see. Any tips, those of you who have passed?... Continue Reading

USPS CPU Certification

There aren't many questions on this quiz but some of the questions are not covered in the instructions I downloaded. Is there another source of info somewhere? For example, The PDF says NOTHING about the number of CPU shops you can do in one day. Also, one of... Continue Reading

This is weird... IPSOS Certification (without retaking the quiz)

I just got an email from IPSOS congratulating me on passing the I Shop Safe certification. I took the quiz awhile ago and they failed me for wearing a N-95 in my selfie photo. I refused to take the quiz a second time because I am not going to jeopardize... Continue Reading

Are the Long John Silver shops easy?

Seeing them for the first time and they are reimb. only. However, I LOVE LJS!!! The fried batter crumbs are one of my favorite things. :) Are the shops worth it? Easier/harder/same as, say, a Five Guys report? edited to add: Don't want to add... Continue Reading

Have certifications helped you get more MSCs shops?

Are there any useful ones out there or just go by the platform you are on?... Continue Reading

Getting paid to fail a certification test

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Presto certification Green Gas Shops - question

Anyone else having a hell of a time getting through the quiz to get certified? Ive tried tons of methods and can't seem to crack what the quiz wants! I've read the massive document for guidelines... Continue Reading

BP Certification Test Has anyone passed yet??

if you have passed this test please message me. I've done every combination I can possibly think of and can't pass it. My brain is tired!... Continue Reading

Market Force Certification Tests

I am trying to take a certification test for Market Force. They say the full guidelines are attached, but there is only a 1 page guideline that does not provide the information that is asked for in the test. It isnít a common sense type test, but asks specific times,... Continue Reading

Bar Certifications - Are they as hard as Smokey Bones?

I once tried to do a Smokey Bones shop that was a bar integrity situation. I signed up and then read the bar observation guidelines. It seemed outrageously difficult to perform with having to notice very technical details of drink pouring and having a familiarity with various drinks.... Continue Reading

IPSOS Consumer Audit Certification Test

I am having serious difficulty with this test. I am almost certain that they have made a mistake on it. I don't think any of my answers are incorrect, but I just can't pass it. Any one else have problems with it? Any tips?... Continue Reading

Silver 925 jewellery

Buy stylish fashion silver jewellery online. Unniyarcha pure 925 silver jewellery handmade in India is stylish, trendy and personalized jewellery. https://unniyarcha.com/... Continue Reading

Any shoppers in Silver Springs MD? Very easy shop for you on Granview Ave.

Service Evaluation Concepts has mystery shops at Nutrition Clubs. These shops are quick and easy! Pay is now $15 each. Due date is the 14th, but I can be flexible. You can complete multiple assignments. A successfully completed assignment includes: ** Visiting the Nutrition Club during the Club's operating hours; ** Taking a... Continue Reading

Easy shop in Silver Springs MD

Service Evaluation Concepts has mystery shops at Nutrition Clubs in your area. These shops are quick and easy! Pay is $15 each. You can complete multiple assignments. A successfully completed assignment includes: ** Visiting the Nutrition Club during the Club's operating hours; ** Taking a minimum of 3 digital photos... Continue Reading

Mystery shop in Silver Spring MD

Service Evaluation Concepts has mystery shops at Nutrition Clubs in MD. These shops are quick and easy! Pay is $15 each. You can shop multiple locations. We have these in VA as well. Locations: 11230 Granview Ave Silver Spring A successfully completed assignment includes: ** Visiting the Nutrition Club during the Club's operating... Continue Reading

New USPS certification

Hey! I just tried to take this tonight as the PO shops were just listed and it is saying I failed it. I have taken this test a hundred times and never had any issues passing it. I double checked my answers from the guidelines in case something changed... Continue Reading

MSPA certifications

I am contemplating doing the gold MSPA certification but wanted to get some insight on whether it would be worth it. I would like to take on more of the desirable shops but most of those require certain shop levels or history of work with that MSC. Unfortunately for a... Continue Reading

Ipsos Certifications

Hi, Iím working my way through the Ipsos certifications and have no idea what a DCA-2019 certification is. I donít know what the TMO-Bear one is either. Help please.... Continue Reading

Gold Certification Necessary?

I have been doing mystery shopping now for a year and was told by someone that I should upgrade to the Gold Certification. Is paying extra to get the certification worth it? What is the benefit? Thank you!... Continue Reading

Bonus on shop on W Gold ST in Kings Mountain NC

This is for a nutrition club (no purchase required). You will visit the location and if open ask about a product. Each shop takes about 5-10 minutes, the report is 20 yes/no questions, and 3 required exterior photos. If the location is not open, submit the photos AND still get... Continue Reading

Goldboro and Mt Olive NC shoppers, I have a question for you.....

Would you like to make an extra $210 in mystery shops? We have a total of 14 easy shops in Goldsboro and Mount Olive (exact locations below). $210 not enough? Email me about a bonus of $2 each shop when you take more than 2! Details: They are easy nutrition... Continue Reading

certifications, whats the best way to start off

Jamie here. Good morning. I'm new as well but I want to know, should I get certified and being that I have worked in this kind of industry (business, retail, ..) and hold a degree is there a way to waive some of the costs.... I know that might sound... Continue Reading

Ipsos.Failed certification

Hi all.. New to ipsos. I applied for one of the mailing shops and was assigned the shop. I failed the certification. Should I go ahead and shop it?... Continue Reading

iSS prep certifications - is it worth the $$

I am hungry to expand the bottom line next year. I've bested last year's totals by $2k this year and want to keep momentum going by seeking out higher paying shops and opportunities. I snagged the mspa certication in hopes of getting some different opps (hs brands mentioned they... Continue Reading

MSPA Certification error

So I have delayed buying this 'certification' because I've been doing well without it so far; averaging ~$700/month this year. However I read a note from an HS Brand scheduler that mentioned they prefer certified shoppers so I spent the $25 to get the cert. When I purchased,... Continue Reading

Shop Pay $20: Checking & Savings Shops No Certification Needed

Checking & Savings Shops: No Certification Needed Attention Shoppers: Shop Pay $20 Due date 10/24/18 We have Banking Shops available throughout the USA! If you see a location below that you can help with, please consider applying for it quickly or emailing me, and I will assign you... Continue Reading

Checking & Savings Shops: No Certification Needed

Attention Shoppers: Shop Pay $17: Due date 10/23/18 We have Banking Shops available throughout the USA! If you see a location below that you can help with, please consider applying for it quickly or emailing me and I will assign you (make sure to include the location... Continue Reading

Shop pay $17: Checking & Savings Shops No Certification Needed

Checking & Savings Shops: No Certification Needed Attention Shoppers: Shop Pay: $20 Due date 10/24/18 We have Banking Shops available throughout the USA! If you see a location below that you can help with, please consider applying for it quickly or emailing me, and I will assign you... Continue Reading

USPS certification

Okay, I feel like an idiot. I've been mystery shopping for over 10 years but took a few years off and am just getting back into it. Anyway, I took the certification test for the USPS shops and could not pass! I'm pretty sure I know which questions I... Continue Reading

Need Gold Shoppers for Hotel Shops in CA, long narratives, extensive verifiable experience

We need the best of the best for upscale hotel shops with spas and fine dining. Contact suzanne@travessahospitality.com... Continue Reading

MSPA Certification

Hi there! I'm totally new to Mystery Shopping so hang in there with me. My question is, are any of you certified with/by MSPA? If so, what's the benefits of doing so, does it get you preferred treatment or better jobs with companies? How much did you pay for it?... Continue Reading

Newbie Questions Certification, Best MS Video Shop Companies, Getting Started Tips

Hi! Iím totally new, but have resources to get good MS video equipment. 1. What company offers the highest-paying/most opportunities video shops? Looking for entry level opportunities for video shops. 2. Where can I get legit Gold Certification that will provide a cert. number in a timely fashion and that number will... Continue Reading

Super Bummed so many of the company sites don't take Gold certifications dated after 2014.

What is up with that?? I wish I'd know this before I paid to take the exam.... Continue Reading

MSPA Seems To Be Silent About my Gold Certification Test

I took the Gold Certification test over a month ago. I emailed the MSPA on 8/2 and asked them the status since it had been month since I took the exam. They sent what looked like a canned response and said it takes 10 business days for the exam to... Continue Reading

Movie Theater New Food Menu Item Mystery Shop in SILVERDALE, WA

These are shops to evaluate new menu items for you and a guest! IMPORTANT Our client will not accept shops conducted incorrectly. If your order is incorrect you will be required to bring it back and ask for it to be corrected. You must also take all required photos. REQUIRED ORDER: Chicken Tenders (your choice... Continue Reading

Del Taco Certification Test

Anyone else having a problem passing this? There appears to be an error in the test as I followed the study guide and didnít pass. They do show you the correct response in red via an email link later but I already exceeded my attempts. The error is in the... Continue Reading

MSPA Gold Cert Now Available with Sassie!

I received an e-mail stating that my account had been updated for one of the MSCs on Sassie. I signed in to see what the change was about and noticed that it now says I am MSPA Gold certified! Woohoo! It looks like I am now able... Continue Reading

Ipsos certification issues

I applied for several shops today and the box popped up that I needed to do the certification exam. However, when I clicked the link all I got was a blank screen. Has anyone else had that problem? And, do you know if the scheduler will ignore... Continue Reading

Secret shopping Certifications?

I began secret shopping about 8 months ago. In looking for assignments, I noticed that many (if not all firms) have a place to list your certifications. I was wondering if certifications open you up to better paying jobs. If so, which certifications have the greatest benefit?... Continue Reading

International Service Check Quality Certification Document

I received an email with a pdf attachment stating that attached is my certification document personalized for my "full name." I am registered with them but have never done any shops for them and have not taken any recent tests for them, as a matter of fact, have not been... Continue Reading


Hi! I'm brand new to mystery shopping. I decided on the $25 (Silver) certification from MSPA. ****Question: Is it worth it to get any additional certifications, like Gold for instance? I noticed while browsing hiring companies off MSPA's website that majority ask if you are certified, then ask for specification... Continue Reading

Who gets your Gold, Silver and Bronze?

Following the Olympic theme..Who gets your Gold, Silver and Bronze? My Gold goes to A Closer Look, My Silver to Customer Impact and Bronze to Marketforce.... Continue Reading

Mystery Shopping Gold!

Nothing revolutionary to add here, just thought I'd have some fun. I recently took on a audit shop for a tax prep office. To my delight, the office rep denied granting me access to the office. She thought I was a scammer and wanted zero to... Continue Reading

GCS/ Intouch Insight pharmaceutical audits recertification

I received an email this morning from GCS that one of their clients has made some changes and that all field auditors are going to have to do a recertification to perform audits for this client. We are not compensated for doing the certifications, which I understand and agreed... Continue Reading

MSPA Certification

Hello shoppers and thank you for helping us new shoppers with your knowledge and support! I have a question today about certification. I noticed that some companies say they favor or look for certification. Do you recommend I do this? In your experience do you think you are more successful being... Continue Reading

BP Certification

Can someone help me with the BP Certification? I'e hit 3 times and have one chance left.... Continue Reading

SPG Certification

[b]Mod note: Post removed as it breached the Forum guideline which states, "Do not reveal the clients of mystery shopping companies". Additionally, it is usually an ICA violation to name both the MSC and client. The initials you reference is a client, and you named the mystery shopping company.[/b]... Continue Reading

To get Silver and Gold certified or not

I cannot make up my mind either to get certified or not. Is it worth it or just a scam?... Continue Reading

Advanced Video Training and Certification

RAPTOR VIDEO SPECIALISTS and VIDEO SHOPPING PROS Are proud to announce our ADVANCED VIDEO CLASS. November 5, 2017 at the IMSC Conference in Las Vegas. This Training has been created with input from several of the industryís top Video Mystery Shopping Providers as to what they would like to see covered with shoppers... Continue Reading

Do Sassie Shops no Longer Allow Gold Certification?

I just received gold certification and I am trying to upload my number to all of my accounts. However, the Sassie accounts say that they only allow certifications BEFORE 2014????? So I paid the money and took the time to get gold cert and I can't even use... Continue Reading

2017 MSPA Certification promo code that works???

Does anyone know if there is a current promo code for either silver or gold MS PA certification that really works?... Continue Reading

Certification code

I took the certification class on the MSPA website about 6 months ago. Every time sign up for a mystery shopping company and they want my certification code, there is always a problem with the code and it won't work. I have called and emailed MSPA several times but never... Continue Reading

B Business Solutions hotel certification

Does anyone know about how long B Business tends to take to grade a hotel certification test? I've been waiting a week to find out if I've passed and can self-assign a stay which is coming up fairly shortly. Thanks!... Continue Reading

Bbb certification test

I have no idea what I was answering wrong on this test. I took it until it wouldn't let me take it anymore. I found conflicting info in the sample form and the instructions. Are all of these test this way?... Continue Reading

What's the deal with About Face's upper-end cosmetic store pre-certifications?

The other day, I started filling out their pre-certification questionnaire asking me which luxury items I have purchased. I have no problem with that. However, they are now asking me to input a photo of myself dressed professionally to show what I would look like should I be... Continue Reading

MSPA Certification

I am not sure if this is the correct area to post this but I am looking for help here. I am new at this and in the last few weeks I have been doing a lot of checking sites out and applying. A couple weeks ago, I joined MSPA... Continue Reading

MSPA Gold Certification

My apologies if this topic has been covered elsewhere, however, I am having a difficult time finding any answer. I just purchased the $75 gold certification course from the MSPA site and can't figure out how to access the course. Is a DVD is being shipped to me? Is there... Continue Reading

Certifications for The Source, Are they worth doing?

I am wondering if it is worth it to do the Healthcare Compliance Certification? Also is it worth it to do the Certified OnSite Inspector for The Source? Thank you for any help.... Continue Reading

MSPA Shopper Certification Code?

Does anyone have the link to have a free MSPA Shopper Certification Code? I don't want to pay $20 bucks. Thanks everyone and get ready for the snow to hit again ????... Continue Reading

This is shopper gold for me.....

Recently I posted about a shop I was excited about at The Vig, a local upscale semi-hipster bar and restaurant that allowed a generous reimbursement and allowed a shopper to dine alone. Well, I hit what I consider shopper gold in that I was able to score this shop... Continue Reading

Rustbelt shoppers conference: Silvercreek NY.

Three forum members will be meeting at in Silvercreek NY on 1/24 to meet face to face, share stories, and to pick each others brains. Including yours truly. Pm me for exact location. Its a local place with amazing food. This will be the second time we have met up and... Continue Reading

Rustbelt shoppers conference: Silvercreek NY.

Three forum members will be meeting to discuss world domination including yours truly on 1/24. As well as picking each others brain about shopping, telling horror storys, etc... Please pm me for more details... Continue Reading

Background checks, fees, certifications and their values...

I filled out The Source back ground check and it was a modest fee of like $7. Not too bad. I pick up 2-3 shops that require it each month and it adds about $20-$100 in extra income each month for having this feature. I've noticed a few other companies... Continue Reading


TAMPA VIDEO TRAINING & CERTIFICATION Only 3 weeks to go before the Tampa Video Shopper Training and Certification. There are a couple of seats remaining for this class. Here is your chance to make serious money Mystery Shopping. Donít miss your opportunity. This is the only Basic Video Class in the... Continue Reading

MSPA Certification?

Hi 'yallz! Quick question -- if I got the good old DENIED stamp with a company and I later obtain a MSPA certification, is it possible to go back to that same company and say, "HEY! I got my certifications, hire me on!" ? Or does it not work like that? I understand... Continue Reading

Golds gym

Anyone doing these 5.00 shops.... Continue Reading

mVentix - new to this - confused about certification issue

so I just signed up to work for mVentix. I've never done this type of work before and I read all the stuff I had to read and followed the steps. I "accepted" some assignments and then went to take the certification quiz but it isn't there! Each assignment says... Continue Reading

Cannot Register Gold Certification with ANY mystery shop companies!

I have not been able to register my Gold Certification with ANY mystery shop companies. I am very frustrated and disappointed. For months, I have waited for a response from MSPA but all I have received is an automated email saying that my email was received. I have... Continue Reading

MSPA Certification Number

This past January, I renewed my membership with MSPA. Since then, none of the Sassie shops will accept my certification number. Does the number change each year or do I have to take a new certification test? I have written to MSPA three times and I... Continue Reading

Mystery Shopping Certifications

Are their any certifications done by any one or more companies or company that would, and could be considered universal in the field, If so, please inform me on information. Is there a general certification that would give credentials to one? Also, are their any business templates of... Continue Reading

Sassie and MSPA Silver and Gold certifications

I have had the worst luck in inputting my MSPA Silver Certificate. I get this response: "ERROR ! Certification for the email address 'michaelgmysteryshopper@gmx.com' using the code '495903' was unsuccessful! Please try again or click here for help Register New Code" There is no new code to register. MSPA NA doesn't... Continue Reading

Sassie and MSPA Silver and Gold certifications

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Getting Certified gold, silver, MSPA Membership

I have been a MS for over 15 years. I stay quite busy doing shops here and there. I'm always looking for new companies to work for and different kinds of shops. I have never been a membership of MSPA Or a gold or silver certified shopper.... Continue Reading


REMAINING 2016 VIDEO TRAINING AND CERTIFICATION CLASSES: JUNE 26, 2016 Ė Gilbert, AZ Basic Training Course in conjunction with the IMSC 7th Anniversary Celebration (SPECIAL PRICE) July 12, 2016 Ė Philadelphia, PA (Essington) Basic Training Course September 13, 2016 Ė Chicago, IL (Carol Stream) Basic Training Course November 6, 2016 Ė Las Vegas, NV... Continue Reading

MSPA Silver Certification Eliminated

It appears that the MSPA has done away with Silver Certification. It no longer appears in my profile even though I paid and qualified for that certification last fall. Have all you Silver Certified MSPA members lost this credential? Was any MSPA Silver Certified member advised of... Continue Reading

CPU Certification Test

A new Certification Test appeared this evening for shipments made from CPU locations. Just for questions, and there was a training document. I got a 75% on the first try. I believe that there is an error in Question #2 since I eventually tried every answer and continue to get... Continue Reading

Postal Certification Test Question

Anyone else stuck on the last question. Am I really missing it or did they make a mistake and not put up the right answer.... Continue Reading

Gold Certification Exam - MSPA

Has anyone failed and not been allowed to certify at a later date?... Continue Reading

IMSC certification offered for FREE

Please check out the free IMSC Certification being offered by IMSC. You complete the test as you go, while on a conference call. It was an invaluable experience for me and I'm grateful for the information they provided! So glad I became a member! There are two... Continue Reading

Will joining the MSPA with a Silver or Gold help me and make up for its cost?

Hi, I know many of my friends here have joined the MSPA Online and bought a Silver or Gold Membership. My question and probably that of many others is how will this advance our reputation? Do they provide education that's not provided by all the MSCs we've been shopping... Continue Reading

Newbie Question about certifications

I live in a somewhat rural area so shops aren't plenty here. I noticed on several ms pages there are zero shops and lots of certifications I haven't completed. Does completing the certifications affect my ability to see jobs in my area or is it ok to wait to complete... Continue Reading

Gapbuster Certification Test

Hi... Continue Reading

Anybody else have difficulty accessing Sentry Marketing Certifications?

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Shopper Silver and Gold Certification

Is it worth it to get Silver and Gold Shopper Certification? What are the requirements? How much does it cost? Does the certification really help a shopper to get more and better shops?... Continue Reading

SILVER SPRINGS, MD Shoppers! Finally a shop for your small children! Pizza and prizes all in one!

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

each one teach one as self Golding rule

Hi to all His good all the time in selah. Smile for we are loved another day give thanks.EDH inc.... Continue Reading

Certification Information

I just had an application ask for the date of my MSPA silver certification. Huh? I don't remember being asked before, and I sure don't know. Can I contact MSPA somehow for that info?... Continue Reading

MSPA certification - Is it worth getting?

I have been doing mystery shops for almost a year, and wondering if getting my certification would be worthwhile? Any thoughts from those who have it? Does it get you better jobs, does it get you better companies? What purpose does it serve -v.s. - not having any... Continue Reading

A Certain Fast Food Certification Test

I have been mystery shopping sporadically over the years for fun. But, this is the first time I have posted to the forum. There is one particular MSC that offers Fast food shops that require the shopper to read a manual and pass a certification test. So, without naming names,... Continue Reading

Fast Food Shop Certification

Hi, I have been mystery shopping sporadically over the years for fun. But, this is the first time I have posted to the forum. There is one particular MSC that offers Fast food shops that require the shopper to read a manual and pass a certification test. So, without naming... Continue Reading

GFK company specific certification test

Hello, I have been mystery shopping for about two months now and have passed all my certification tests with the 18 companies I joined and also passed all my job specific tests for each assignment I have done with no problems at all. Tonight I just took a test for... Continue Reading

Silver Certification questions

I am recovering from surgery and am not able to take on any new work right now. Since I have some time to kill right now, and I had some spare cash, I figured I would pull the trigger and pay for certification. Does anybody know how long it takes... Continue Reading

MSPA Certification Hiccup

I am brand new to the mystery shopping world. After reading a bit about this, I joined the MSPA so I could take the Silver Certification. However, the website keeps looping me out of the training. I'll log in and it shows that I am a member through 2016, but... Continue Reading

What's the Advantage of Silver or Gold Certification Shoppers

Are shoppers offer more money?... Continue Reading

GAPbuster Pizza Certification

Has anyone read all the documentation and taken the certification test for Pizza (or other companies) on the GAPbuster site? I have started reading everything, but there is a lot to remember. How long is the test? Do I need to memorize everything in the documentation? Can... Continue Reading

MSPA Intro Certification verification

Hi all, I just entered the world of mystery shopping about two weeks ago and have just completed my first two shops this past week. This forum has been incredibly helpful in providing newbie guidance. And now for my question... I completed the MSPA Intro to Shopping (formerly Silver) certification last... Continue Reading

Value of Certification - 6 months test results

Back in December I started this thread: http://www.mysteryshopforum.com/read/2/385560/385560#msg-385560 I mentioned that I would attempt to track the value of Gold Certification to me over a 6 month period. Well with just a week left in June I'm calling it as I don't expect any new revelations before end of the month.... Continue Reading

So, Can We Talk about MSPA Gold Certification...?

Are people who've taken this test, especially recently, allowed to answer this question? I think it's time to take the plunge and become Gold Certified, but money is a huge issue right now, even just a matter of $100-$200. Are the questions so very difficult that it is almost essential... Continue Reading

MSPA Gold Cert

I want to get my Gold Certification from MSPA. My question is can I skip the Silver Certification and go straight for the Gold or do I HAVE TO do the Silver first. And do you think it's a good idea to skip the Silver Certification? Would I miss out on something... Continue Reading

Where can I find a discount code for my MSPA gold certicate?

I'm new to all this and I wanted to increase my chances I'd getting better higher paying assignments. I figured with an MSPA gold certification I could. I see in the checkout there's a place for a discount code. Where do I get this code. I also was wondering how I can... Continue Reading

MSPA certification

I am 6 weeks into this mystery shopping business. I am finding shops via company emails, websites, and recently Presto mobile. However, there are so many companies it's becoming a pain having to go through each ones certification. If I do the MSPA gold certification program can I... Continue Reading


I have been shopping for several years and am wondering if I need to be certified? Does it really help or is needed?... Continue Reading

How important is certification?

I haven't started yet, so I am not even new. :-) I did read somewhere about taking a course sponsored by the MSPA-NA and wondering how many folks have done that and your feed-back on it in general. Thanks, and for your advise I promise one day to pass it on... Continue Reading

bad news with a silver lining...

I had to take my pup to the vet the other day and I just found out that her back knees keep popping in/out. It's not bad right now since she is only 4 however I keep thinking of what am I going to do. I was told to limit... Continue Reading

Finding trolls and stealing their gold...

As one posts "spam" to signify spamming the powers that be should use a word or phrase to signify trolling. As calling a troll a troll only leads to death by clubbing I would suggest something obscure like... Bilbo Baggins... Under the mountain...stoning... Sunlight shines... Eating horses... Paying a toll...... Continue Reading

Certifications and Recertifications

I have registered with over 140 mystery shopping companies (following the advice everyone's been good to offer here) and now am facing loads of certifications and recertifications on the various websites. I don't do certifications for clients I don't want to shop for but still find it tough to stay... Continue Reading


I'm relatively new to MS, and was wondering if getting a gold or silver certification would be worth the effort and cost. Will avail me to more lucrative and more numerous shops? Thanks in advance...and I apologize if this question has been asked and answered before (I didn't see it... Continue Reading

Video Shopping Certification

I have researched and found there are a few places that offer video shopping certification. Is there one that is the industry standard or most recognized by the mystery shopping companies that do video shops? What say you, oh wise veterans? :)... Continue Reading


I have completed 2 successful shops. YAY! I am thinking about becoming MSPA certified. I have read a few blogs on this however nothing seems to be informative enough. Have anyone noticed an increase of jobs after becoming certified? If I do become certified will that mean I do... Continue Reading

MSPA certification question

Hello - was wondering if the MSPA certification is for life. Current members please hekp. It costs $20 for Silver and $75 for Gold so wondering if this ever expires and has to be renewed. Would prefer not to have to pay for it again. Nothing regarding expiration listed on... Continue Reading

Value of Certification - a Test Case

The question seems to pop up at least once a month: Is Silver/Gold certification worth it? The response is typically varied as is the case with most general questions due to the very individual nature of mystery shopping. A few of the typical good responses I have seen... Continue Reading

Gold Star chili Shop

So I did my first Gold Star Chili and the guidlines stated that you need an itemized receipt. So I go thru the Drive thru and order the coney crate. I pull forward and hand a credit card thinking Ill definetly get a receipt. The cashier asks if I need... Continue Reading

Got Silver certified, now need to update 150 companies!

Well, I finally decided to get silver certified and will see if it makes a difference in the jobs I get offered. Now I have to update 150 profiles! I got through the letter "G" tonight, only about 100 to go. Can anyone say they have really... Continue Reading

MIR Certification Course

Any advice...any opinions on MIR Certification Course ??... Continue Reading

Gold Certification

Hello, I was wondering if anyone had passed the Gold Certification ? I bought the DVDs and received then, passed the first two modules online and completed the writing test online as well. I was informed after the writing test that within 5 days I would get the results. It's... Continue Reading

Do all companies require quiz and certification before the job?

Hello all, I do not mean MSPA certification, but individual companies that requires certification/quiz before the job assignment. After looking at jobslinger, I found Mventix that requires a quiz or some kind of certification. Do all or majority of mystery shop companies require this now? I am not... Continue Reading

Silver Living Inc/Senior Living Researcher

Hi, Has anyone had any experience with this company evaluating and taking 30-40 photos of senior living establishments covertly? Thanks. Judy... Continue Reading

Certification code not working

Anyone else have this problem? I am applying with new companies and enter my silver certification code but it keeps showing up as a not a valid code.... Continue Reading

Has anyone taken the online IMSC video certification course?

IMSC has a mystery shopping video certification course for $75.00, plus $25.00 for the test. Has anyone taken it or heard anything good or bad about it? $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ I never met a bill I didn't like.... Continue Reading

Video Equipment/Certification

Howdy! I'm silver certified and I've shopped for close to 10 years. I'd like to obtain video equipment (body worn or purse) to take it to the next level. I purchased a video ID card a while back but never felt confident using it. I'm thinking about the... Continue Reading

MSPA Certification ????

What is the value of having an MSPA certification? Either Silver or Gold or whatever else that company offers. Thoughts, folks? Thanks as always, Brian... Continue Reading

MSPA Certification

Hey Everyone :) Question, I took the Intro to Mystery Shopper course at MSPA NA and passed. Is this the same as the Silver Certification or is that even offered anymore? I trying to work on my certifications and I want to know if I'm doing it right. Thanks a Bunch for any... Continue Reading

Video Certification

Hello, I'm not sure if this is where I mention this. But I wanted to let all the mystery shopping companies who have video as part of their assignments know that I just got certified today to do video shops. I will be getting my equipment in the next few weeks.... Continue Reading

MSC Certification

I'm wondering if premium jobs are offered to people with MSC certifications first? For those of you with certification, has it paid off?... Continue Reading

Adding an email address to certification

I completed the silver certification as well as the IC-Pro. One of the companies I applied with uses PayPal, but the email I registered with isn't the same. How do you add an email address to your certification in MSPA?... Continue Reading

MSPA silver certification

Hi all. I was just wondering if anyone has had this problem. I joined the MSPA on Friday and I have a membership page but I can't find any info on taking the test for silver certification. Does it just take a while to update? Thanks.... Continue Reading

MSPA's Silver Certifications

I have joined and taken the Intro to Mystery Shopping. I assumed, and still do, that I was taking it in order to be Silver certified however, upon signing up for several new companies, my certification number is not being accepted. I went to the MSPA's website and... Continue Reading

MSC certification

Hi All, I'm new here. How important is MSC certification? Are more jobs available when you avea silver or gold certification? Thanks... Continue Reading

Silver Certification vs MSPA membership

I thought I'd spring for silver certfication. So I went to the MSPA site, but all I can find is the membership page, which is $20 itself. And on the membership page it lets me go to the store and buy a guide/test for Gold certification ($75). But where do I... Continue Reading

Online Video Training and Online Video Certification Testing

The IMSC is proud to announce ďOnline Video Training and Online Video Certification TestingĒ that you can do at your own home. So for those who cannot attend the live training at the IMSC conferences, you now have another option. You will be provided a link to view the video... Continue Reading

The number of Gold certified shoppers

I've seen posts that said that there were about 6,000 Gold certified shoppers out of about 1,000,000 shoppers. Now, I just read the MSPA website that claims that. Reading between the lines, I believe that those numbers were correct at the time that they changed from the in-person workshops to... Continue Reading

Ha! First time I see the "value" of MSPA certification

Check it out: You must meet the following qualifications to apply for this shop: * Your age must be 25 years or More * You must accept PayPal payments * Your Annual Income is $50000 or More * Education Level is College or More * Your MSPA certification is Silver or higher Although per the scenario, I... Continue Reading

Odd Guys Certification - NO MORE BURGERS FOR ME :(

So I flunked the Odd Guys certification test. I can't retake this test for 365 days. This means 365 days of no deliciously greasy burgers, fries, etc. Sure, my cholesterol will go down but so will my happiness. Le sigh.... Continue Reading

MSPA Certifications? Benefits

I am not certified. I would like to be, I think...but, what really are the benefits? If I become certified, then do I go into each MSC and update my profile? Do you have to get re-certified or is it good forever? Is one level "better" than another? Been shopping full... Continue Reading

Anyone MSPA silver/gold certified?

Just curious if and how many people have become certified...was thinking of doing the silver one for $20. But do you notice a difference after being certified, more shops, better recognition?... Continue Reading

Silver Certification

So I decided to sign up and try to get certified since I'm already certifiable. I joined, paid my fee, went to the store, added silver certification to my cart, checked out. Got a great confirmation email. And that's it. Ummmm. Isn't there supposed to... Continue Reading

MSPA certifications

Have you found that it benefits you in getting jobs to be silver or gold certified with the companies?... Continue Reading

Gold Certification

I've started working towards Gold Certification and am reviewing the disks from MSPA now. I have 2 questions: 1. They refer to a workbook in the beginning but none was sent to me. Do I need that workbook? 2. When I take the test am I limited to... Continue Reading

Recertification - Grrrrr!

I am attempting to recertify for one of the MCS'. Why is it that there always seems to be one or two questions that one cannot find clearly answered per the testing materials?... Continue Reading

Sassie Companies and MSPA Certification & GeoVerfiy

Hi, I became siver certified and I went to enter the information at JobslingerPlus and on the SassieSystem companies when I sign up for them. Everyone of them comes back stating "error". I reported it to the place it states to send an email to, over and over. I never get... Continue Reading

MSPA Certification

I was just wondering who has gotten their MSPA certification and if it was worth it. I've been shopping for a few years now, and am debating on whether or not to take the plunge.... Continue Reading

mspa certification

is it necessary or beneficial?... Continue Reading

Does MSPA certification really make a difference?

I haven't signed up for it and I'm not sure what it is worth to me. So far there has only been a couple of minor shops that I did not receive when requested. Do you have access to more shops on the job boards--jobs the rest of us can't see.... Continue Reading

Silver lining of a very dark cloud: Reality Based Group

Last week I posted about my first time video shopping experience with Reality Based Group (RBG). I submitted several shops which were all rejected due to audio irregularities the company found unacceptable. I was floored because Iíd never had this issue come up before, although I had used the... Continue Reading

how to increase certification

hi there i've recently cleared the McD certification i want to clear more certifications of these type like automobile,apparels etc. please suggest me the link or way where i can get these certificates.... Continue Reading

Trying to get Silver Cert-link not working. Need help!

Hi all, I decided to get my Silver Certification tonight. I went to the MSPA website and clicked on the link that they direct you to. I paid 20.00. Then....nothing! I set up my profile but I cannot find anywhere to get the tutorial or take the test. Everytime I click... Continue Reading

mventix certification quiz

I took a quiz, and I have a perfect score on it, but when I go to the assignments section, it still tells me to take the quiz. Is this normal? I've never worked for them before. I dd find it humorous that a quiz was even needed due to... Continue Reading

How long does gold certification grading take?

I finished the test last Wednesday and haven't heard anything. I know they say 3-5 working days, but I'm just wondering what your personal experience has been. Do they notify you by email?... Continue Reading

got Silver Certification

After reading lots of your posts, I took t he plunge. I feel official now :-)... Continue Reading

Gas station certification test - Need help!

I'm stuck! I watched the training and can't pass the test. Am I allowed to say the name of the gas station (colors are blue and red)? I think these are the ones I'm having a problem with: Which of the following is considered an unacceptable attire item to wear during... Continue Reading

No more video training/certification by Undercover Essentials

Who will fill the void?... Continue Reading

MSPA certifications yes or no???

I have been mystery shopping on and off for 4 years and I never thought about getting my certification until now. It's not expensive but hey it's not cheap. In your opinion is it worth the $115.00?... Continue Reading

MSPA Gold Certification

I was considering taking the course to get the Silver or Gold certification. Is it worth it? Have any of you gotten the MSPA certifications and felt that it was helpful? Any insight is apprecaited. Thanks!... Continue Reading

Best Mark Certification codes

Where do I get the survey code to take the certification tests? I tried the dispatch #, but that isn't it.... Continue Reading

MSPA certification

Are there any real benefits to getting MSPA certified? I have signed up with 65 companies and currently shop for 20. During the application process, they all ask if you are certified. I haven't had a problem getting shops without it, I'm curious what benefits you get... Continue Reading

MSPA Membership / Silver Cert.

I became Silver Certified a few years ago - paid the fee and took the test, but did not join MSPA as a Shopper Member. Last month, on a MSP job board, saw info and a link to join MSPA for free with code cert2013 (which is still posted on several... Continue Reading

silver certificate

I have misplaced my data on my silver certificate. I think that I have the number but do not have the date that I received it. who can I contact To verify my number and get the dates that I need ? Thank You... Continue Reading

Gold DVD certification MSPA

Has anyone takening the Gold DVD Certification course here recently? I have my DVD's still need to completely watch them before taking the test. My question is how long did it take for you to have results? I would think 3/4 of the test could be graded by a scantron... Continue Reading

MPSA certification

This is my first month as a mystery shopper. I'm still learning the ropes and have only taken small jobs. I've really enjoyed it so far and would like to start taking on more shops. Would you recommend getting MPSA certification as a next step for me?... Continue Reading

MSPA Gold Test

Anyone that has taken the MSPA Gold Test lately can you tell me who delivered your DVD's? Was it USPS, UPS, or FedEx.... Continue Reading

Received an email from Jobslinger about MSPA Certifications

This is just to let you know that both SASSIE and JobSlinger have been updated to accept new MSPA certification codes. You may now enter your cert code on your JobSlinger and SASSIE profiles (or, if you are a JobSlinger Plus member, enter it on your JobSlinger Plus profile and... Continue Reading

Silver wings achieved

I worked through my little glitch on MSPA and joined the ranks of Silver Certified Shoppers! I look forward to Gold certification and further enhancing my independent career as a shopper! Thanks again (hmm, the 4th thanks?) to all of you for your quiet encouragement to become ever more professional in what... Continue Reading

MSPA Certification Glitch

This is a letter I got from MSPA about their certification glitch-you know, where your certification is a secret because they can't get compatibility with their new codes: ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________ MSPA launched a new certification and shopper database on December 1, 2012. We have been contacted by shoppers experiencing compatibility and code verification... Continue Reading

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SPAM... Continue Reading

Is the Gold Certification test up and running again?

I paid for the Gold Certification course last Spring, went through the You Tube videos, but haven't been able to take the test. I have been in recent contact with someone from MSPA, and she said the test was available, but the links she gave me didn't work. Does... Continue Reading

goldilox, here

Hi all, Iíve read a lot on this forum and thought Iíd let you know Iím here. Iím kind of rusty at this, having not taken an assignment in about 2 years. I never have taken very many anyway. But, it looks like I can find out a lot about many... Continue Reading

Companies can't verify my silver certification.

I took the silver certification in 2005. When I sign up for different companies and try to add it to my profile, I get emails stating, "The MSPA Certification information that you recently submitted was unable to be verified. This is usually due to the email address or the certification... Continue Reading

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SPAM... Continue Reading

Defective MSPA Silver Certification Test

I've been mystery shopping for a few months and have passed every pre-shop test with little difficulty. I just paid $15 for the Silver Certification test offered by MSPA. I took the first module and passed just fine. The second module is defective. I read the info before taking the... Continue Reading

silver certification.....worth it?

I'm thinking of taking the online test to become silver certified.....just wondering, is this a waste of my $15 or not? If it opens a door or two for me I am thinking that I can quickly recoop it and after all, it is $15 - not the end... Continue Reading

MSPA "Certification": Is It Just Another Scam to Fleece Shoppers?

I just paid and passed the MSPA "Silver" certification for $15. I received a "certification" number. I tried to add it to my profiles for the companies that I do assignments for and ... and ... and... Lo! And Behold! No company will accept the certification number. My email address for MSPA,... Continue Reading

Gapbuster - Fast Food Burger Certification Test

Hi everyone. I have tried every conceivable combination of answers for these tests and have failed every time. I think some of the questions are ambiguous to say the least. I was wondering what if I am missing something? Has anyone else had problems with them? Thanks Rogo... Continue Reading


Hi everybody, I am a new mystery shopper and I have just completed my personal profile and reached the 3 certifications (english, audit and base). Now I want to do the MSPA Certification but the link posted in BARE's website is incorrect!! How can I do? Thank you!... Continue Reading

Silver or gold?

Does it help you get more jobs if you have a silver or gold cert? Do you make more money?... Continue Reading

Silver or Gold Certification

Hello, I am new to mystery shopping and was wondering if it is worth getting a silver or gold certification from MSPA? What are the advantages/benefits? I would appreciate any input that I can receive to help make the decision. Thank you!... Continue Reading

Hero Citations & Gold Stars

I know we've discussed this before, but I just read an email from intellishop for an auto-service shop where they're paying $X (no bonus) and giving a Hero citation. Again, I know we've discussed it before, but today I'm smiling as I imagine their management styles in the office. I'm... Continue Reading

It is worth paying the $90 to become MSPA Gold certified?

I looked and couldn't find this topic on the forum so I hope this question hasn't already been answered. I have been mystery shopping for one month and enjoy it very much. I was just wondering if being gold certified with MSPA helps at all in getting assignments. Thank-you.... Continue Reading

Market Force and Recertification?

Well I went to see if there was anything interesting on the job board of MF, and it told me that my certification had expired. I had to take some quiz, which is okay, no big deal, but I also have to have another background check, for $7 plus some... Continue Reading

Goldilocks wants to know.

Is the Black Bear Diner shopped? There's a new one being built close to me. Hubby really likes their corned beef hash. We always eat at the one in Las Vegas when we're there.... Continue Reading


I paid for gold membership in feb.and still can't take the test. Does anyone know if this issue has been resolved.... Continue Reading

Gold status members.

Is getting the gold really worth it and with what companies? Does it really bring all it claims to? (Like preference priority, higher paying shops, etc...) What is the consensus with gold members experiences and thoughts? Thanks.... Continue Reading

Web video certification

Undercover essentials announced a web based video certification class. This is so exciting. I hope to sign up for one of them. I saw it on their Facebook page. It's probably also on their website. Anyone else interested?... Continue Reading

The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

Just saw this at a matinee, which was PACKED with baby boomers and others. A large theatre. Judi Dench, Maggie Smith, Dev Patel from Slum Dog. This is a delightful, charming and thoughful movie, with beautiful shots of Jaipur, India. Not one car crash, gun shot... Continue Reading

MSPA Gold certification

Is it worth getting after being a shopping for sixth months with 15 different MSPs?. Who has it out there?... Continue Reading

DQ Recertification!

Sucks!!!... Continue Reading

Silver and Gold Certifications

How important is it to get either of these certifications?... Continue Reading


Been a shopper for the past 15 years....never needed to be certified. Is this just another group making money from the under-paid shopper?... Continue Reading

MSPA Certification

I have a Silver Certification from MSPA. Is there any value or increase in jobs and pay for becoming a Gold?... Continue Reading

Canada-BC-Mystery Shopper MSPA GOLD - Can I help?

Canada, BC. ... Continue Reading

Anyone with silver BMW shopping in Cincinnati tonight?

Tonight I'm at Party City on the west side of Cincinnati. I wasn't doing an assignment, I was looking for Angry Bird party plates. I happened to park next to a silver BMW with Kentucky license plates. It was a very nice car and I peeked in... Continue Reading

Any Q&A abt MSPA Shopper Certification ?

Any Q&A abt MSPA Shopper Certification ? I am want to try the silver certification but no sure wht question willing ask thank you for given subjection... Continue Reading

Mystery Shop Certification

Is there an advantage to have a mystery shop certification? And can anyone tell me exactly what that is? I have seen it on mostly all MS applications but don't really know what it is.... Continue Reading

MSPA Shopper Certification

Anyone knows what MSPA Shopper Certification means or if is necessary to become a mystery shopper?... Continue Reading

MIR Certification Course - USA for mventix?

I just completed an application for mventix and I got a return email that said "To become an MIR, you will need to complete our screening process by clicking on the link below" When I logged in the next screen said..."You are about to enrol yourself as a member of... Continue Reading

Gold Certification

I am silver certified but am wondering if there is a real benefit to gettting gold certified. I would appreciate your comments.... Continue Reading


Has anyone been offered better paying opportunities since they've become silver or gold certified?... Continue Reading

CMS certification and care facilities event

Has anyone done the CMS certification and then attended an event where they try to sell you on care centers for the elderly? I'm scheduled to do one in October and I'm just curious what I've gotten myself into. I need to do the training by Monday and it sounds... Continue Reading

Silver Certification

After shopping for 2 1/2 months, I feel like a seasoned shopper. As you all know, if you work a lot of jobs then you have to learn quickly and have to love doing it. I'm in it for the long haul so got my Silver Certification. ... Continue Reading

gold and silver certification

Hi all. I have been a mystery shopper for three years now. i am wondering what you all think of the MSPA certification programs. Will they benefit me? I have no problem investing money in the program, but am wondering have others found an increase in shop... Continue Reading

Silver Certification

I would like to get Silver Certified and was wondering of there is a study guide. Or are they just common sense questions based on experience? I usually pass most MSC's certification test for certain assignments on the first try but even they have short little review questions of what's going... Continue Reading


I am trying to get certified and wanted to know if there is a study guide for the Silver certification or is it all common sense and questions based on experience. I am getting good assignments but have been turned down for some higher paying ones because I am not certified.... Continue Reading

Is the DVD program from MSPA for Gold Status Worth It?

Is the program worth the $75 you have to put out? Do you automatically get better paying or more jobs immediately? Thanks... Continue Reading


Has anybody gotten more or better work because they got a ms certification. DID you really learn alot during the classes, do you reccomend getting certfied? Personally, it sounded liek a quick way for someone to make a buck by creating the certifications, paid2peek... Continue Reading


Is it worth the price to become certified to a silver or gold?? Has anyone bought the DVD and taken the test?... Continue Reading

Advantages to Silver? Gold? MSPA Certification?

I'm just an inquisitive little mystery shopper, aren't I? If this has been previously discussed my apologies for the duplication. Anyone who has thought this through with more experience than I (almost everyone) and those who have become certified are encouraged to offer your thoughts. I've been to the MSPA... Continue Reading

Revealed Chiropracter Certification Audits

The MSP who was offering these in Arizona hasn't had any for about a year now. Does anyone know who has taken them over?... Continue Reading

Finally found an advantage to being silver

I did get the silver certificate as a new shopper about five or six months ago. I figured, it's only $15, tax deductible, okay. It has never made any difference until tonight. I was trying to self assign at BARE and it said I couldn't, I could only apply. Why?... Continue Reading

Video Shopping Certification

RECEIVED THIS E-MAIL TODAY RE VIDEO SHOPPING: Upcoming Video Workshops by Undercover Essentials‏ From: Shadow Agency (mailer@clientsmart.com) Sent: Tue 8/24/10 4:51 PM Interested in expanding your skills as a Mystery Shopper? Undercover Essentials is presenting Video Mystery ShoppingCertification Workshops. All Undercover Essentials Video Certification Workshops run from 9am to 5pm... Continue Reading

More Certification Discussion: DVD v. Gold

While filling out the application for an MSP, I came across a question that made me curious. The question asked if you were MSPA certified and if so, is your certification silver, gold, or DVD. I assumed that the DVD did offer certification, but, at least for some MSPs, is... Continue Reading

question about doing certifications

I have noticed that some of the companies offer certifications and there is a fee to do these. My question to some of you that has been doing this for a while. Do you find that the certifications make a different in the amount and quality of jobs... Continue Reading

MSPA Gold Certification DVD

Has this been released for sale? I heard it was coming out, just don't know where to purchase it. Thanks.... Continue Reading

Gold Certification Workshop

For those in the Los Angeles, CA area a Gold Certification workshop is being held at the Holiday Inn Burbank, CA on Sat. June 5, 2010 from 8am-2pm. The workshop will be conducted by representatives from several mystery shopping and scheduling companies. A survey showed that shoppers wanted a live... Continue Reading

Silver and Gold Certification

What type of shops are availalbe for Silver and Gold certified shoppers compared to a noncertified shopper? How do shops differ for Silver versus Gold shoppers?... Continue Reading

MSPA certification worthwhile?

I checked to see if this has been asked recently. What do you think about a newbie like myself obtaining the MSPA certification(s)? Does it open up opportunities? Thanks in advance.... Continue Reading

Shopper Certification

Where is the best places on the net to become Certified as a Mystery Shopper? Thanks! :)... Continue Reading


I know there have been discussions on the old DVD before. However, I just had a few questions. I understand the DVD is about six hours. Do you have do the entire test in one sitting? Can you do it in a few days? Is... Continue Reading

Is Gold Certification Worth It?

Right after I did my first few shops I went ahead and got Silver certified, because for $15, why not? I hadn't been in this long enough to judge if it got me any shops I wouldn't otherwise have been approved for. Now after a few months, and being registered... Continue Reading

silver certification

I am curious. How long does the online test take. I am concerned that it stated if you do not pass the test, you are required to wait 30 days and then you have to pay the $15.00 again. Anyone out there fail the test the first... Continue Reading

gold certification

I am considering going gold. Any advantage to my bottom line? Barry... Continue Reading

Airport Certification

I have another question.....I have several companies sending me shops at the Airport. However, some are stating you need to have a certification or clearance to do the shop. Does anyone know how to get the cert??? Or is this someone that already works at the airport that has the... Continue Reading


Do you have to have a certification to mystery shop? Do I have a better chance of being accepted by companies and getting job assignments if I am? JZenner... Continue Reading

Gold & Silver Certified Mystery shoppers

There is this claim through certain companies that Certified shoppers get more shops than non certified. I wonder how true is that??????... Continue Reading

Survey/Birthday Info/completing Gold/Silver Offers

Hi Sneakers and others. Thanks for info so far on surveys and Roboform. Several questions along same line. Any idea how much Roboform costs after 30 day trial???? Do you feel secure with Roboform? Every survey asks for your date of birth and I know they... Continue Reading

Do you really think that MSPA certification qualifies you for higher paying shops?

I have been MSPA gold certified for years and it makes no difference in terms of pay. I get offers via email for high paying shops that have nothing to do with MSPA certification.... Continue Reading


I am reading some of your remarks. About the High pay shops. But my question is, Are All of you a gold or silver shopper> I am not. Does the DVD really work to be a Gold shopper?... Continue Reading

MSPA certification

I am fairly new at mystery shopping...is it to my benefit to become certified? If so where do I do this online? Does it cost me anything? Thanks!... Continue Reading

Silver Certification

I only come here after I have exhausted every website I know in order to find the information, which is: MSPA and others talk about Silver Certification, but I cannot find how to take the "exam". Where is it? Is it online? How do I link... Continue Reading

Flunked Gold DVD Certification

I flunked the first time and was wandering if anyone else tool the test and not pass? I don't know what I did wrong... Continue Reading

Gold CD...easy or not?

For the one's that have taken the Gold online..was it easy or difficult? How long and how much is mostly common sense.....comments, please.... Continue Reading

Now that it is easily available to us all, WHY is Gold Certification beneficial?

It is like Shadow Shopper, I can never decide if they really could get the higher paying jobs for me, I know that Kern and Jobslinger tend to have high end work. So which ones really are worth the cash?... Continue Reading

MSPA Gold Certification- Available on MSPA site on DVD

It is here, so there are no more excuses. $99, just like the seminars. Anyone done it? Pam, if you are out there, inspire us WHY we should do it.... Continue Reading

Silver for one year

Hi: My name is Beatriz Roque, I start on Mystery Shopper on 2006 with Bronze and nothing happen, I never had any assignment, then my friend Nidya told me I have to jump to Silver, I do it for one month, but the thing is she got a promotion $5.00... Continue Reading

Gold Certification

Can anyone tell me if gold certified shoppers get different shopping opportunities than silver certified shoppers. Thanks... Continue Reading


I enrolled with ShadowShoppers and received a free certification test: I qualified for a silver--is this the same as the MSPA which the Sassie shops ask for. If it is not, how can I get one for free?... Continue Reading


I'm a newbie to MS and I'm wondering about this so-called MSPA certification. Does earning it really help you get new jobs or is it just more money out the window? What's the difference between gold and silver? Thanks for your input, folks! Marie1... Continue Reading

Discussions of Certification

I've been a member for years. They have various training and certifications. (Source). November 29, 2022

ē Once you have passed, you can immediately start requesting as many shops as youíd like. Every Tuesday, there is a ďNew Auditor Certification SessionĒ / webinar, at 3:30 pm Pacific/4:30 Mountain/5:30 Central/6:30 Eastern. (Source). November 22, 2022

They ask details about the food that is sold. They require a selfie with your safety vest on. They ask you to print a different "Golden Ticket" for each shop. (Source). November 17, 2022

If It was a slower location, I would probably where a jacket and hat going inside and then remove it when going back to the car.[/quote] For the golden arches one you had to do the drive-thru first. (Source). November 17, 2022

It's just part of the job. They pay for the data, so they ask what they feel is important (to them). I remember back in the day when golden arches was shopped and they wanted you to do both the inside and drive-thru instead of just separating the experiences into 2 different shops. (Source). November 17, 2022

up when the directions said NOT TO GIVE CONTACT INFO!!!! How can you get follow up if you just give a fake first name!!!I have been shopping MANY YEARS- the certifications and training for this company were really heavy duty -I passed everything but am rally nervous about taking shops that will be unpaid. (Source). November 13, 2022

sentryinsights.com/auth/index.asp#login certify and apply or Find us on Gigspot Please email hbaty@sentrymarketing.com to expedite being assigned. There is a certification to take before you can shop. (Source). November 12, 2022

sentryinsights.com/auth/index.asp#login certify and apply or Find us on Gigspot. Please email hbaty@sentrymarketing.com to expedite being assigned. There is a certification to take before you can shop. (Source). November 12, 2022

Whooo! The certification tests were really something! Guess they want me sniffing out Medicare fraud- not sure how- anyway applied for a shop for $34- I have other shops another company that day which I hesitate to (Source). November 11, 2022

Whooo! The certification tests were really something! Guess they want me sniffing out Medicare fraud- not sure how- anyway applied for a shop for $34- I have other shops another company that day which I hesitate to (Source). November 11, 2022