Bare offering reimbursement only shops

Bare recently offered a sporting goods shop with no fee, just reimbursement. In my area those shops now offer a $5 fee along with reimbursement. Now Bare is offering a cone-shaped pizza shop that is reimbursement only. You must order a minimum of three items and take photos of the interior, exterior, and food. I'm shocked for two reasons. First, there is no fee. Second, a cone-shaped pizza sounds awful. And the shops are flying off the board. Has anyone done these? The locations are along the East Coast, Texas, and Idaho.

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I've often asked Bare for the guidelines and then could not accept the shop. I think these are great for someone just out of high school who does 5 shops a month.
I see the same cone shaped shops for $18 with no fee. I walked past the store in the mall and looked at the cone shaped pizzas. Not appetizing at all !
I just did a reimbursement only beauty products shop with Bare. It was fairly easy and was a fair reimbursement for the product. I will say I have never heard of a cone pizza so a little Googling and it's intriguing but agree, seems like a concept without much longevity. Around here, all of the made to order pizza chains have had trouble.
I did this one too. It helped that I was in the market for some face wipes that would help clear up a pimply outbreak I had at the time.
With reimbursement only shops, I need to have an existing reason for doing them. If I don't need lotion, then those shops are not worthwhile for me to do. Cash is king with me!

The cone-shaped pizza doesn't sound appetizing at all. And I love pizza-- I'm not particular. But cone-shaped pizza is where I draw the line.
Doesnt matter to me the shape of the pizza if its delish. Hamburger Helper is where i draw the line, ickth
LOL...haven't had Hamburger Helper in years, but it never bothered me. Must be all the salt they have in there. Plus, I love casseroles. One-pot cooking.
All this talk has me hankering for sloppy joe's and chili. I had a Mod pizza yesterday for the 1st time, it's decent. I like the concept of as many toppings as you want and the 11" pie is still under $9.
Doesn't look appetizing either. What's next? Sushi cones? Ramen cones? I also don't like reimbursement only shops, unless it's something I want to purchase to begin with, or eat out at with friends.
So get this BARE tells me that because I did not get my check and it supposedly got lost in the mail that I have to wait 6 months for a $15 check! I will never do another shop for this company and suggest others take heed!
The options are pay $30 for a stop payment or wait the 180 days. They do have that clearly spelled out in the ICA which means there is not much you can do. Since they offer direct deposit, their policy for checks doesn't much matter to me. My first option with any company is DD followed by PayPal. I only accept checks if that is all they offer.

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It's been a while but the last time I paid a stop payment on a check it was $9. Six months is a long time to wait. Their checks probably expire 6 months after written.
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