Market Force Time Frames. Receipt is a couple of minutes off from your watch

Good evening,

I did a shop for Market Force this evening. I had to visit the location after 8 PM. OK, fine no problem.

When I received my receipt it had 8:00 but my watch had 7:59. Yes I know that all places are a couple of minutes off here and there. If my receipt had 7:59 will I still be paid for my shop? Next time I will allow 5 extra minutes to be on the safe side


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Your time on the receipt looks okay. But the time you put on the report must coincide with that. Time enter---->0800pm Time out----->0800pm+. (Unless you report---->time enter 07:59:57grinning smiley) What time was the Retail's clock on the wall?

If the time on the receipt said 0759pm, the time would be called into question. One would conclude U started before availability time. smiling smiley

That 5 minutes on the safe side is a good idea. smileys with beer

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There was no clock on the wall where I could see. Unless it was in the break room. My clock in my car had 8:00. That is when I pulled into the parking lot and entered the building,

I have my watch set to my time clock at work.

So do I go buy my car clock if it is a drive through shop? My watch if it is dine in. Yes I know I will need to track timings and all.

As long as I get paid I will be ok. smiling smiley I am not worried.

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MF is one of the companies that is incredibly inflexible when it comes to times. Generally, I would not advise starting a shop right at 8 pm or whatever time on the dot; wait at least a couple of minutes so you know you are inside the window. With my luck, the surveillance video shows a correct 7:55 pm when my watch or phone says 8:00 pm... guess who wins in that case?
This has been discussed here before. Report the actual times you performed the shop. When the receipt time is off, they allow you to comment why.

If your watch was 7:59, why did you rush in a minute early?

I have received receipts that were both ahead of and behind the actual time. I never alter what I put on a report to accommodate a receipt. If the above bad example was true, then what happens when the time on the cameras is correct? The cameras and the register are on different systems.

My cell phone has the correct time. There are websites and apps that allow us to know the correct time.

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I had something similar happen during daylights savings time. Company would not call store, would not check times, did not want to initiate a camera viewing etc. It was for a shop that paid $44 so I was a bit heated about it. I spent $10 on the shop plus time, travel, gas etc. I ended up reshopping it and was not thrilled. They claimed the time on my receipt was only 4 minutes after the shop was due to start and there was no way I could have completed it. I tried explaining that it was actually 1 hour and 4 minutes but they wouldn't budge on it even after an explanation. You would think the computer systems auto-updated themselves, but some managers have to go in and manually set the clocks before start of business.

It's ultimately up to the company with timings. I usually hit shops 20-30 minutes after the expected time or about the same time frame before the end times. If a shop is 11-2, I'll go between 11:30-1:30. I have had some companies who don't care at all and tell you to just report your time in and out and that it's typical for restaurants and retailers to be off by 5+ minutes on their clocks.

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