Maritz Gas Shops a waste of time?


I've been doing Maritz gas shops for about 5 months now (probably done about 50). I just started timing the visits and the report for the blue and white shops. I'm starting to realize that the reports are taking a good 40-50 minutes to upload. You need to upload a picture of every single pump and report on them. They only pay about $17.50 each in my market. By the end of it you're making less then minimum wage. Has anyone else had this experience? Are the assignments even worth taking? Stericycle has much easier reports.

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Perhaps one has not had the exact requirement for working for MCX. After 5 months one could be uploading all the photos in less than 2 minutes from the 2 receipts, RR, Main ID, overall and pumps. Upload the photos at the end of the survey. Yeah, this won't increase your shop fee, but it will give you a "piece" of mind.

SteriCycle has "easier" reports because one is taking a picture of one pump, any non compliance, MID, overall, and RR. Oh yeah, a lot more narrative.
@Jbrz123 wrote:

I'm starting to realize that the reports are taking a good 40-50 minutes to upload. You need to upload a picture of every single pump and report on them.

That seems like a really long time. My debriefing time takes about 13-17 minutes, depending on how many pumps and infractions. I think the key factors are having your own system down pat, a high-speed internet connection to minimize upload times, and being speedy with a mouse.
Over time, it becomes easier - and much faster.

Remember, they are not "white glove" inspections. Look for obvious signs of neglect.

Plus, like litjourney says, "have your own system down pat".
They are worth it to me. I agree with litjourney, the report time is greatly reduced when you get the hang of it. They are so familiar to me at this point, I could do them in my sleep. The bonuses on Maritz shops are phenomenal, and I'll even take a few at base pay if they are right in my town or to bulk up a route. I prefer Martiz over Stericycle because I greatly dislike the required narrative for Stericycle. There are good bonuses for Stericycle too. It's odd that anyone would take these for the $4 base pay.

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@Tova wrote:

..................................................over Stericycle because I greatly dislike the required narrative for Stericycle. There are good bonuses for Stericycle too. It's odd that anyone would take these for the $4 base pay.

If you wait until about the 13th of the month, the bonuses start to rise. Not as fast as when Sam was in charge. Deborah seems to want to keep the extra funds for herself. grinning smiley
There are never any bonuses in my market. And I dont know how you folks get them done so quickly. Most of the gas stations near me have 12+ pumps each.
I don't take them unless there is a bonus. In my area most stations have 12 pumps, one even has 16. That is not the main problem, the continual "on hold" is what I dont like. It use to be very rare and now its the norm.

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These shops used to be very lucrative in my area. Two things have happened since the beginning of the year: (1) The bonuses have drastically decreased (2) Another shopper is picking up (what seems like shops in my whole state) for base pay or close to it
Has anyone else noticed these changes?
I sure miss Sam at Stericycle. He made the shops worthwhile. Now, someone in my area is taking the stations I would do at the base pay or slightly higher every month for a while now. By the time they reach $10, they are just about all gone. I don't do too much for them anymore when I used to get a few hundred a week in pay from them. I do like the Maritz stations and use my own cheat sheet. I take a few local stations at base pay monthly and then add when bonuses are given later in the month. I had to buy gas on my own dime last month one time. It killed me.

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Yep, Sam was good. He bonused the shop after the 4th of the month. And kept those bonuses coming until the shop was done, even if the shop went into the next month. Sam kept us paid. smileys with beer

The scheduler now, well she is nickel and dimeing the bonus. Have you notice, if a shop goes into the next month it is decreased by a few dollars until the month shops start to increase? It pays to notice. I have seen shops go from the last day of the month @ $25, and on the 1st to $16. sad smiley confused smileytongue sticking out smiley
My market literally has NO bonuses. I have never seen a shop go up in pay in the 5 months I've been doing this. There is only base rate.
I've never had an issue with Maritz and can zing through the site visit in about 20 minutes and the report in another 20 minutes. I've been shopping them the longest at 21 years and have always found them to be decent to shop for

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OP, sounds like you are taking a little too long to debrief to me. But if you don't want to do these shops any more, then don't. They are most worth it when you group a few of them together at one time. Stericycle stations are a lot different based on how you go about them, though they are quicker. Unfortunately as has been said, you have to wait until about the 15th-20th of the month before they are worth it. I like doing them as well, but I do miss Sam too!
I'm waiting to see if the new " 10 in one day" rule affects the shops in my area. Has it affected any of you all?Good or bad?
The 10 a day rule doesn't affect me at all as I usually do 5 or 6 a day. I think the most I have done is 7. But then I purposely don't work 8 hr days. I agree that 40 to 50 minutes to complete the report is far too long. I'm with Cettie on this one - 20 to 30 minutes for the shop and 20 minutes for the report. I know I've said this before but, in my opinion, the key is a well thought out work sheet. My worksheet is set up in the order I do the shop and each entry is checked off so that I don't miss something and I don't have to go back to double check. Once the worksheet is complete I don't have to go back and review a picture while I am completing the report.

My biggest gripe with Maritz is the definite reduction and removal of bonuses. It has forced me to fill in with other MSC's where I can get bonuses. But that's not a bad thing. The stations and banks is my area are also getting gobbled up at base pay so I can understand Maritz's approach. At least around here. I still do 30 or 40 stations and about 16 banks a month but that's way down from what I used to do. Que sera, sera.
I agree with LIJake.

I average between 5 to 6 shops a day, maybe a 7 or an 8 once in a while if the route is long and is needed. Also, 20 to 30 minutes per shop and another 20 minutes (at the most) for the report - plus that could be done while sipping a glass of wine, cup of coffee, etc. Because of that, I don't really count the report as part of the work time - whatever. Using the simple tools Maritz provides, it can be even faster.
A well thought out worksheet, cheatsheet or whatever you wish to call it, is also, invaluable and timesaving.
Just a for instance: if you have done the location previously, review your worksheet for amount of pumps, infractions, etc. I have a space on my worksheet for information on each numbered pump 1 through 24. Before going out for the day, I also review the site information I have saved on a file on my laptop. If it is a new location for me, I Google it to see a street view of the site, count the pumps, etc.
There are plenty of other ways to make the shop and report easier and much quicker. Once you get the hang of doing these shops, understand what the editor needs, you can move along pretty quick.

Like everything else in life, it just takes some experience.

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They pay 12.50 in my market and are (IMHO) a time waster. Takes about an hour to complete the shop and do the report......on average....shorter (like litjourney says) when there are no issues, but 13-17 minutes for these in a debrief? I have done over 800 different Maritz gas station reports and haven't ever been below 25 minutes). So, it is $12.50... that's your hourly 'wage' and your drive time is figured in......these jobs are kind of a minimum wage gig... good filler for some.

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I am definitely with FF on this. Except I use an old fashioned file in a manila folder that contains my past worksheets, rather than on the lap top. I see this as $18.50 per visit which includes gas and product and can average around $22 to $28 per hour in a well planned route. However, that per hour pay is coming down with reduction in bonuses. Like FF, I do not consider the reports over a glass of wine with the Met game on in the background as work.
If the location only has 4 pumps it's much quicker then say 12-14. I consider the report work because there's a million things I'd rather do then answer repetitive questions about gas stations.
Okay, I timed myself, plus I have a slow computer. Meaning that when I have to add my shopper ID or any comments, they do take some time to appear.

For an eight pump shop, I did my report in 8 minutes online. Answered all the questions, added comments and then uploaded all the photos.
Mine would get done a lot faster if I wasn't flipping back and forth between here and facebook while I do them. 8-10 minutes seems about right.
@CoffeeQueen wrote:

Mine would get done a lot faster if I wasn't flipping back and forth between here and facebook while I do them. 8-10 minutes seems about right.

Right now, I don't have time for the Facebook.

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