Sinclair-- GONE?

I can't get into Sinclair for the past 3 days. Anybody know what happened there? Their site seems to be gone...

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Their site has always been slow. Also difficult to navigate if you travrl a lot.

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At the moment only demons come to mind
They pay on time by check.

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Is anyone else doing their $5 app shops? I've done a TON this month. They're so easy and convenient... it's been awesome. I sure hope they don't have any problems.
Why can't I ever see any shops on Sinclair? it always says there is nothing available and do I want to be a back up? sure, but do they go that quickly? I've not seen that at any other MSC.
I'm banking on this being a legit company. I've read about em on this forum and the seem legit. I had signed up months ago and this is the first month they had anything available for me. The scheduler assigned me a ton of those app shops everyday and they jumped to the top of my MSCs for this month for pay. So I'm hoping they truly pay out for all this daily work.
So have I....but the pay statement has ALWAYS been online by the 25th. This time, there's NO statement....after they did a very big project for one company. Kinda makes me nervous. One of the schedulers was initially communicating with me that she saw my pay had been approved. When I asked again after she said she would talk to Accounting....silence. I'm not sure either but no matter what, it looks late sad smiley

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It sucks depending on shopping as an income....especially for something like rent. Normally I don't but due to some emergencies this month, I'm in a bind. Since Sinclair has ALWAYS for YEARS paid like clockwork, I counted on them. I hope they are right and online statements just aren't up sad smiley
I've just received an email from them this morning as I wrote to them last week. I was told that checks are late due to technical difficulties and will be cut today. Hope this information helps someone!
I called and spoke with someone today regarding payment, as I have nothing pending in my payment history for March. Accountant said they are having technical difficulties and they should be resolved "soon". She said if I don't see anything under my payment history then no check has been processed.
I was able to get into their site earlier today. No pay information had been updated yet. I completed 2 shops today, which are quick input shops. The site keeps crashing and is super slow. Save often and let's all hope we get checks soon.
I have never NOT gotten paid by Sinclair. They normally pay like clockwork. If the shop log seems to be odd along with late payment I'm fully confident they are telling the truth. That it's an accounting system error.

There are reasons that a body stays in motion
At the moment only demons come to mind
I hope you are correct and they send the checks out this week. It would be nice if they provide a status update on their website or send us email updates.
I have always been paid. Having said that, Sinclair's site is hinky. Taking it as gospel can lead to head scratching.
They said because of the server problems last week that it will be sometime this week when the checks will be cut. I'm going to believe the veterans on this forum that said they have always been paid by them.
I agree. In the past 12 months of shopping with them, I have always been paid and on time. This is the first delay and it does appear they have been having issues. Their site has timed me out, and has run super slow for several weeks.
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