Does Bare international europe got problems with payment right now?

I did a tour over Sweden in Mars and spend a lot of money on car, fuel, ferries and lodging. At the moment I need money to pay a couple of hotels and my own bills. I where waiting payment in the end of last month but have not seen any payment yet. I've sent a couple of mails to their office in Belgium but does not get any answers. Does somebody else got trouble with payments from this company?

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Hi, I have exactly the same problem. Have spent a lot of money on fuel, etc and am owed over £500 in total. I cannot get through by email or phone to their Belgium office. I have sent an email to the USA contact site but won't be holding my breath! If nothing back by this afternoon am going to call US office.
I have just called the office in Belgium on +32 3 242 87 30. The young man in finance advised me the payment is late because it took them longer than usual to process everything. The payments have been made today. Therefore, anyone like you and I who are overseas will have to wait the three day IBAN process delay! Ergo, we get paid on Friday! I suggest bombarding them with calls!
Well, it looks like we are many having same problem. The telephone in their belgium office is propably overloaded currently by others that don't get their money. I've contacted a couple bare international europe without getting any answers. Are you using PP or bank? I see a lot got problems using PP.

I use Bank. I think they've all turned their direct mobiles off so try the number I usaed, I got straight through!!! I found it on their facebook page!
Ok? What did they say then?
I did get an answers from my bare communicator and she said that she has heard that the payment where run today.

Bank, will say you'll probably, jhave to wait another day or two for the salary. With PP it goes on a couple of hours.

I got a message from Barbara Sikter right now on Linkedin that the money should be on paypal account tomorrow and maybe day after on bankaccount.

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