I hope I don't wear out my welcome here. I appreciate all those that take the time to answer my questions. I'm wondering a few things about the maritz website. When I look at available shops are these the ones that are available to me or all the shops in my area? I did one type of gas shop and I thought I couldn't do the other type but they show up on my list. I'm also curious about bonuses. I receive an email a couple of times a day about gas shops and now they have a bonus. These shops are 45 minutes to an hour or more away. The bonus as it is isn't enough to entice me but could I offer to do them for more or is that not something I should do?

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edawn, anything you see on the jobs available list is available to you. If you haven't already, after you do 6 or 10 (I'm not sure what the number is now) you can self assign. Some areas do have bonused gas station shops, unfortunately not mine - I have to negotiate. For me, shops that are 45 minutes or an hour away would require a significant bonus and 5 or 6 shops in the area.
To make your question even clearer. The shops you see are the ones available to you. But, there may be other shops in your area that are not available to you if they are on a rotation where a certain time period must elapse before they show up and become available.
The reason may be that you have done them the previous month and the time period must be correct before becoming available.
Sometimes the shop was taken by another shopper and was performed when the site was closed. There are shops where another shopper flakes and decides they cannot do the shop, or, they did it so poorly that it must be done again.
Those can be the shops that show up on your list at the end of the month with a very nice bonus.
As for bonuses, you need to do the math to decide if the bonus makes the shop worthwhile. For me, often, its not even the worthiness of the bonus that makes a shop worthwhile. For instance, today, I'm doing some shops that are in an area that is rather fun and enjoyable to be in. I always look forward to them and don't mind the drive (which in itself is easy and scenic).

Each to their own.
You can either wait for the bonus to be enough, or you can look for other shops to bundle and make it worth your while. This is my strategy. If there is a shop 25 miles away but it's only $25 with the bonus, it's entirely possible that there are MORE shops in the immediate location on other boards. So the $25 initial shop makes a good anchor. I recommend when you see a shop like that, don't apply or self assign it right away, look around at other boards and see what else is available. Soon if you keep doing that you will get a feel for what is out there. My favorite way of shopping is to create these little mini-routes. They can be extremely profitable, depending on the time of month. Once in awhile you might end up driving too far for the money but for me that has been a very rare occasion. When it does happen I just celebrate doing less work LOL.

This gas station pavement is $%^@*#& hot.
Thank you all for the replies. Coffeequeen, I'm going to take your advice and see what mini routes I can come up with.
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