Maritz scheduler cuts you off while talking

Who else here has experienced Maritz Research cutting people off when they are talking. She calls you for a favor and in her boorish ways, cuts you off from continuing your sentence, pressing you to take their very low incentives.

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Has never happened. While some Maritz schedulers are less friendly than others, I have yet to find a rude or abrupt one.
Hello you listen for 10 seconds, you then say no. And be on your way.

They call to get a yes or no.

No long drawn out conversation. It is not rude it is business.

You want a polite conversation----->call your family.
No I haven't. They are usually very eager to ask me to take on a job, but I usually just say yes, no, or request a bonus they have to check with the client about. Maybe the scheduler was having a rough day trying to get jobs scheduled.
Santa needs t bring them a paper map. They cannot navigate a map to know what is close to you and three states over is NOT close.
I shop with this company all the time. I deal with Team 2 mostly and have never had this problem. Now I have got in hairy email fight with Team 3 supervisor that has caused me to be banded from shopping on this team. I have sent email apologizing to all the teams to see I still can shop and only Team 2 and 4 replied. I have NEVER let them bully me in to any shop. I ask for a incentive on EVERY shop they call about. I have had the call back with a counteroffer and if it was close to what I have to have I will take it. Good Luck with your shops. PS find out what team they are one and send email to that team just change the 02 to that team number The supervisor is generally the person that read them.
Yes, there is one woman who has been a total witch to me when I was trying to get clarification on some jobs.
She probably didn't hear you.

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