Have You Ever Seen a MS Company Go Broke, Not Pay, and Disappear?

Hey dra, Adam Valdez (FC) owed me $213.88, I quit waiting several years ago when they went under and he ran away and is in hiding. Why are you waiting for something that is never going to happen? Kiss your money goodbye like I did. Like Lisa posted, the other company that is doing them now has no affiliation with him.

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@LisaSTL wrote:

Another MSC picked up the client, they are not Franchise Compliance and not responsible for the outstanding payments. AFAIK, the principals of FC are not involved in any other mystery shopping business.

@dra wrote:

I AM STILL WAITING FOR $233 FROM FRANCHISE COMPLIANCE! The sad thing is that it looks like they are back or someone is doing those same carpet cleaning shops. We know that they were paid for the work that we did. Why are they not paying us? dra

And in the current case of NSS if another company picks up their client they are also not responsible for paying the people who did the same job for NSS. I know people are currently out a lot of money cumulatively and individually right now but all the posts I see about the company having purposely booked shops to scam the shoppers after the death of the owner of NSS are just that ...rumors. The rumor mill is alive and well on this topic but it is at this point all fake news. In time we may find out what happened. I feel we have a better chance of getting paid eventually than shoppers who did not get paid from a company that went bankrupt or might have even been shady when they were operating. NSS had a good reputation and paid consistently. They were attentive to shopper concerns. It is possible we will not get paid what we are owed when all is said and done but I believe if that does happen it was not the intention. I sympathize with all shoppers and especially those shoppers out a lot more money than I am owed and understand your situation but dragging the name of NSS through the mud without having any idea what is transpiring yet is only stirring up bad feelings in everyone. It is still too early to make accusations against this company. Not too early to seek help with the issue though.
The newer company doing the carpet cleaning shops is legit. I did that shop earlier this year, and was paid in 40 days.
Thanks Jas, yes it was NSG and Laura, def. My bell obviously doesn't ring as well as it used to lol. Can't remember why my hinky meter went off, prob cuz she sounded desperate w her bonuses. I dunno but shame on her. It wasn't just a shop that wasted my time, it cost me money. I wd not pay for sub average food if I were not being reimbursed sad smiley
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