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Do you get penalized for rescheduling on iSS? I signed up to do a shop on Wednesday but now I know that if I do it on Sunday I can schedule two other shops right nearby. I can still do the Wednesday shop but I'd rather do it on Sunday which is still within the dates the shop needs to be done. Can I reschedule it without being penalized or losing the shop?

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You need to contact the specific scheduler in charge of your shop. I don't know if there is a penalty but if there is she might be able to waive it.
Definitely check with the scheduler because Sunday might be before the due date, but sometimes shops have to have x number of days between shops. So if another shopper is scheduled for Saturday or Monday, Sunday might not be available.
I don't think there is any penalty for rescheduling shops on the iSS platform. If the shop is not allowed to be rescheduled - the reschedule button won't appear. I was recently awarded 165 shops from one MSC. We set it up that I would do a route each Thursday. However, we only did that to get the shops assigned to me. Each week I move the dates around so that the shops fit in with my other shops. Basically, I'll be rescheduling 165 shops. If there was a penalty I would have been deactivated by now, right? We do this quarterly.

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