Confero payment issues?

I did a shop for Confero at the end of May. Supposedly payment was processed on the 10th to my PayPal account but it's not showing up. I've sent a message to the shopper payment link via email. Does anyone have a phone number for the company or is anyone else having payment problems using PayPal? This is the second time it has happened to me with payment from confero and the last time it had to be re-issued.

Thanks for any help !

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Thanks for posting. I see the same thing for the only shop I've done for them.

I shopped for them in May, supposedly was paid mid June and it isn't in my Paypal account.

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Mine was posted on the 10th, showed up in PP yesterday, the 13th. If you look at Confero's guidelines on payment, there is a statement that says once payment is released to PP, it can take up to 5 business days to actually show up in your PP account. So hopefully you will see your payment soon!
I had the same issue over the past two months with Confero, however, my last payment was received per their guidelines on 7/10. You can try sending an email to I received a reply and prompt payment after I emailed.

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I've sent a message to the shopper payment email yesterday and one more today. I even called but have not gotten a response yet. If I don't see it by Monday I'll call /email them back.

Thanks for the responses!
Mine shows it was paid on 6/26, but it has not hit PayPal yet. I just emailed to follow up.
I had the same issue when I was updating my books on payments. I saw that I supposedly received two payments on the 26th and I noticed on the 10th of July it had not been processed through Paypal yet. Obviously, this is past their 5 day allowance to reach Paypal. I emailed them and within 48 hours I had the money that was owed. She explained there was an error during processing. Unfortunately, I have two more that it looks like I am going to have to inquire about. This is unusual for them and does not usually happen.
@TexGmn wrote:

I've sent a message to the shopper payment email yesterday and one more today. I even called but have not gotten a response yet. If I don't see it by Monday I'll call /email them back.

Thanks for the responses!

I'm thinking you won't get a response till at least Monday because I usually don't get responses over the weekend. I had the same problem with a payment last month and I emailed them during the week and got a response on the same day. I think they just had a problem with all the payments last month.
I got a response today (Sunday) claiming it would be fixed tomorrow. But no word today, Monday.

Still no word on Tuesday.

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Good to know. I forgot that I had done a shop for them (while on a trip of course).
Not paid yet, since I did it in June. More shocking,,,, 8 out of 10? It was an age compliance shop too. How does that happen?! hahahaha I don't recall there being any narrative - crazy.
I show April shops paid on June 12, but I have nothing in Paypal. I just sent them an email.
I was halfway through writing a post saying that mine still hadn't been processed when I got an email from PayPal that the money had been sent. It only took three weeks and two emails...

ETA: To clarify, they are a good company. I think this was just a one off glitch for them, and no one should be wary of working for them in the future.

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Yes, since reading a few posts, I checked my log and was still waiting on four shops, done in April and May, that said they were paid 6/12 and 6/26 but not in my paypal account. So, I emailed them through shopper support and heard back from them on Monday (I emailed on Friday). They replied and told me that there was a problem with Paypal and they would resend the payment and to let them know when it comes through. It didn't and I emailed them again, with the totals. I just received it (Wed 7/19).

It's not normal for them to have this problem. I've been working with them for almost 2 years and never had a problem. HTH
I sent an email to this morning and got a quick reply. The issue was resolved within a couple of hours and the pay from 6/26 and 7/10 is now in my PayPal account. Just a glitch probably and not the MSP trying to shaft us. They are a great company to work with.
I am so glad y'all posted about this. I had not even checked and dang, says I was paid on the 26th but money is NOT there... thanks!!
I have shopped for them for about 10+ years and never had a problem.

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My experience with Confero is 11+ years, each without a speck of a ripple in business. When, after waiting an additional 10 days past the due date, my money had not arrived, I sent a letter 07/21 to the job scheduler and received a reply within the hour, assuring me someone in the office would contact me the next business day. As I had been told, I received a letter 07/24 stating the matter would be handled. My pay was deposited with Pay Pal 07/25 AND my next pay, not due until 08/10 was sent 15 days early. There is not a shred of doubt in my mind this situation was a mix-up at Pay Pal.
I am glad people are seeing Confero for what it is, a lousy company. They will find any reason not to pay.
I am having the same problem they said it was paid on the 10th but paypal rejected the payments and sent them back ( never heard of that before). She said she was resenting it again 3 days ago and I still haven't received it.
I got a response from the shopperpayments email the first time but haven't received a response from the second email. This was my first shop with them and will be my last
I had a payment due in August and it was in PayPal the same day as the payment date indicates: 8/10.
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