Market Force Login Issues.........AGAIN.

Anyone else having login issues with them? 365 mile route today for 2 shops that HAD TO BE DONE TODAY. Now, cannot log in. Very frustrating.

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Try to login, and then hit the "reload" button on your browser, if it's Chrome. Works every time, don't know why.
Odd. 9:35 EST and I just logged in and checked my shops. I'm on a laptop with a DSL connection.

It's Friday afternoon here in PA and I can't log in. The portal says "processing"

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Me too, on Chrome. Its fine on my tablet and internet explorer, thank goodness. What a trip.
I can log in on Internet Explorer, but when I try to print my CPIs, the fonts are HUGE and they take 3 pages for a single page document! So I have to do a print preview, shrink the page and tell it to print only the first page. Such a hassle. But at least I can get out the door now and be sure the info I have has not changed.

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Worked fine for me earlier today with Firefox.

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FINALLY got in on Chrome. Spoke to a scheduler that called and told her I couldn't get in to accept shop. She just said, Okay we'll call back another time?? Interesting response......BUT, I have contacted support via fb. Something seems to have worked,,,,,,,,at least for now.
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