Pathetic and offensive "begging" email from SeeLevel scheduler

Interesting update: I got an email from a different SeeLevel scheduler this morning, offering a $30 bonus to do the wings shop in my area. I wonder if the scheduler who sent the offensive begging email actually did get fired? If so, I'm guessing it was because of the unprofessional email she sent out, not the fact that the shops were outstanding. Hmm....

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You'd really have to entice me to get me out of my bed and A/C. Food does not motivate me. But $5 is that total or is $10. Hard to fill shops should be a win-win situation. That's untasteful to tell people you will lose your job. I would really feel bad and try to help. So if it's an exaggeration I'd not be happy. But what if it is the truth? They won't allow bonuses and they are expected to fill the jobs. hmm, I don't want to shop for a company like that. We all have enough crap in our own lives than to cause someone to lose their source of income.
Completely agree. I was doing a bunch of other shops in the area the other day and was hungry and what is better than someone paying for your lunch? Especially on half price wing day? Got off my feet, sat in A/C, had some wings and got paid for it.
Dear Shoppers,

I apologize for the email I sent out regarding the casual dining shops. It was written in desperation, and was unprofessional. It was not an accurate representation of how SeeLevel HX schedulers are trained to conduct themselves. Please accept my sincere apology.

Krystin Waldron
1718 Peachtree St NW | Suite 550 | Atlanta, GA 30309

(404) 781-9258

Driving a Human Experience That Exceeds All Others.

Krystin Waldron
SeeLevelHX Operations Support
1718 Peachtree St NW | Suite 550 | Atlanta, GA 30309
(404) 351-7888
Lots of us do things that we later wish we had not done. I respect a person who can come back and make a public apology. Kudos, Krystin.
Well, at this point, I think the thread title could be changed to omit the word "pathetic".
BlueMoose 1y August 20, 2017 01:41PM
Interesting update:...................actually did get fired

I hope when we come upon a 'thing' in our lives, and we will and telling from the tone of this thread many already have, that we are not placed into such a battleground as I have seen here.
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