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I am new to Maritz and my shops stay in pending approval status for weeks. And when i try to call them their no is always busy. They take my shopper id etc to call back but haven't got a call. Anybody else or is their a different way to get shops . ?

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When you are first starting out with them, they have to assign you the projects and go over the shop material with you. It took me a few months before I got my first job with them. After the initial shops were set and completed I eventually got self assigning rights and the have completed hundreds of shops from them since. Just be patient and keep applying for shops.
@gotshops wrote:

If any of the shops in your area are scheduled by KSS, that may be your easy way in.

That's how I got in.

Seriously, nobody cares that you're offended.
Thanks for your reply. I am trying to call them from past 3 days to get a shop (as my shops are pending approval) and am never able to have somebody on call or get a call back after i provide all my details to their answering machine.
@Hoju what does this mean , should i join kss MSC separately and that will help me in self assigning mystery shops for MaritzCX. Is their a relation between them . Sorry if my questions are weird/silly but i am new to this forum as well as MaritzCX.
Maritz sometimes has KSS schedule some of their jobs for them. ksS is only a scheduling company. They aren’t responsible for the report and have no relationship with the client.
It’s easier to get the job through KSS. Once they assign it, you go to Maritz to complete it and enter the report.

Seriously, nobody cares that you're offended.
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