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Has anyone done these, curious as I don't normally do audits, but may try it if i get good feedback.

Live consciously....

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You mean the electronics audits? I do a couple of audio equipment ones for them. 50 bucks for about 3ish hours. The full store ones don't sound worth the time from what other have said in the past as they take 8-9 hours.
Full store is what I'm offered yes 8/9 hours for 85 to 90$....too long a day. Think I'll pass.

Live consciously....
It's suggested that, at the most, it takes 8 hours. Irene, I'm telling you, I am super fast, I don't mess around. I can do a 20 foot Cover Girl reset that takes experienced resetters 13.5 hours to do and I can get it done in 6 hours and that includes order the parts! I set a slew of CVS cough and cold reset in two days by myself and it was taking other crews two people 2.5 days to do.

This best buy audit took me a little more than 1.5 days for the first one. And they have many, many, many flaws in their system. If you don't have anything else to do and you're interested in the long term investment, you could make a little better than $12.50 an hour, eventually. And you can add the wonderful title of Electronics auditorsmiling smiley to your resume.
I'm not that fast, would probably take me 3 days....just not my thing....not interested in titles at this point...smiling smiley

Live consciously....
I do these audits monthly. Does take a couple to get the hang of it. I created a check list in a particular order so that I don't miss anything. I can usually complete an audit in 5 hrs now. Some of the Y/N questions can be done after you return home. It is a full day audit and but the app is very easy to use. You need background check and drug test ($35 for both) which they will reimburse you for after you complete 2 audits. My first 2 took me 2 days each so no those weren't worth the payment but now it's easy. I've done probably 8-10 per month for over a year.
I’ve nevet done the ones you need to do a revealed audit. I’ve done those pricing ones and they aren’t worth the time. The problem with gfk scheduler is that I’ve asked her multiple times to be taken of the list after deactivating account and checking box to not email me again. Had to mark her as spam as none of my requests were honored. They are desperate for those audits.
This is why even I get myself after the finish line for years (I believe I was the first batch got vetted), I still have never done one of these.

Hours? Seriously?
They're very detailed but relatively easy. As long as your organized and can multi task these are easily done I the alotted time.
I did two of these and the first took me 12 hours total. The instructions are Horrific!! The MC40 devices you use have horrible instructions and the helpdesk person who is supposed to be available during audit is NOT available if you don’t work in her time zone!! My second audit I did in 7 hours but pay still not worth it due to instructions. I literally had to ask store employee for help as instructions said something MC40 gun used to do six months ago and instructions still not updated. Also they make changes to the audits every month so you have to do two hour phone conferences too. Totally not worth it!
I also sensed that GfK was desperate to get the audits completed. However, why don't they pay more or offer a bonus. I, for one, don't want to go through the 'learning curve' at less than minimum wage so that I can become 'fast' and 'proficient' enough to make $15.00 an hour after five or six audits!
Is it true that you do not get reimbursed for the background check and drug test until after the second audit? So if the first audit is completed, then you decide to not do another one because it is not worth it to you, they do not reimburse for the background check and drug test?
I am a seasoned auditor with the full GFK audit. I've been doing the audit regularly for a good 5 years now. The first time I ever did one I told myself I'd never do it again. But they hook you into doing two cause they'll pay you back the cost of your drug test if you successfully complete two audits. So I did the second and it went much smoother. I still never did one again for months until one day where I could use a little extra cash so I picked one up again and low and behold I've gotten the hang of this audit. Everytime I mention how quickly I can do this audit people accuse me of not performing the audit properly. I have performed well over 100 full audits for GFK I am absolutely certain at some point probably multiple times my audits have been subjected to the random quality check, I promise you this audit is too nice an annual income for me to screw around with losing it for doing something stupid like that. I easily conduct this audit within 6 hrs, in fact I have had audits where i've had to slow myself down because I was afraid of not meeting the 4 hr minimum time that flags the report. There was one particularly small store where I'm absolutely convinced had I performed it at my normal pace I could have easily been done with the audit and even report submitted in 3 hr 30 min! That said it took me quite awhile to get to this point, I know how to efficiently do every part of the audit and what things I can do aty the same time as something else and what problems might emerge if I do something one way versus another or some kind of confusing situation in the store that is not in the guidelines I've probably seen it and know how to fix it myself. But these audits do not take me longer than 6 hrs, I'd say I average 5.

This being said I think I can explain what has recently happened. The client recently updated their technology which meant certain processes we do to perform the audit had to change. I believe the thought process was that this technology would make things quicker and therefore it was a good time to add a few things into the audit to offset the time. The problem was while some parts of the audit were slightly made quicker by the new technology, one key process of our audit was made drastically more time consuming. Being as broad as possible its like when you wake up in the morning and look at your clock you expect to see the time instantly when you look at it. Well with the old technology we did see the "time" instantly and we could move on in a fraction of a second....with the new technology its like waking up looking at your clock and seeing its a touchscreen but in order to see the time you have to go pick it up and scroll all the way to the bottom to see it, EVERY TIME! So what used to take a fraction of a second now takes a minimum of 30 seconds. One particular part of the audit that heavily relies on this aspect used to take me 10 minutes to complete, I just did an audit today for the first time with the new technology and that part of the audit nearly took me an hour!!! And then theres all the new stuff GFK added to the audit because they thought the old stuff was going to be quicker! So I think a lot of auditors are annoyed or at the very least frustrated especially since we know how easy it was to do this process before.
@winemaker I can confirm I have received significant bonuses to perform these audits for the remainder of the month. I have multiple schedulers asking me. They do offer fact quite LARGE bonuses, but they only offer it to those of us they are absolutely certain they can trust to get it done and get it done right
some are 95. Generally it seems if its located in a major city (aka the auditor pool is greater) then the fee is 85. The more rural the more likely its a 95 fee. But like I said if you ask and you're reliable you can get significant bonuses. If you've proven to be reliable for them

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Yes they can be difficult and Yes you will become more efficient the more you do as 1JJ stated. If you were seriously interested, receiving and reading the new monthly guidelines wouldn't be a burden. I agree the calls can be long but great to hear I'm not the long one having issues in some areas.(Never been on a call longer than 1hr) I love the audits. I 'work' 2 weeks a month. Add in a few quickie shops and I surpassed 12K for 2017! 9K+ for audits alone (120+) for those who say you are wasting your time, thank you for allowing me to pick up the locations and YES 1JJ love those bonuses when time crunch happens month end! smiling smiley
@teriraia - No, that is not true. Currently, you're now reimbursed for the screening process after your 1st audit. smiling smiley

Independent Scheduler
For shop 411 call/text @ OK-SCHEDULE (657-243-3853)

@teriraia - No, that is not true. Currently, you're now reimbursed for the screening process after your 1st audit. smiling smiley
Thanks for the clarification. It used to be 2 audits but it has been a while since I looked at their job board. winking smiley
I'm new at auditing. What kind of things would you do at the same time to save time and what kind of checklist did you make?

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