Market Force: Shop disappeared DURING my report?!?

I've read the topic where someone had an assignment yanked after they did it, but before they reported it. In my case there may have been an element of website malfunction so here's my story:

I've had this assignment for two weeks. The date to do it was today. Did it, came back and started to report it. I'm more than halfway through the report, hit next and suddenly get the loading icon for 2 minutes. I hit reload and BAM "THERE IS NO SHOP TO REPORTED." WTF??? It no longer appears in my shop log, or as an incomplete shop to be finished.

I've emailed the help desk. Has anyone had this happen? What ended up happening?

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That's a new one on me. Thought I had a shop disappear on me this week but it turned out that I got the names confused between Impact and insight.
My guess: It appears your shop was removed. Was this by chance one of the $25 shops? They did say if you did not change the date, they would remove it. But then, they ended up cancelling the shops anyway. Whichever the case, it sounds like it was removed by them. Do you have the CPI?
I've lost reports at times but usually hitting the back button or reload will bring them back. It really sucks to lose your work.
Update**** All is well. Candace at the help desk got it straightened out. I had canceled an application 4 hours earlier and someone thought I'd canceled the shop I was trying to report. Eventually, the wires got uncrossed and the report got finished, the application got canceled and all is right with the world.
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