Maritz "Blue" Gas Stations

As I shop these gas stations, I notice that many problems that I've identified on the debrief are still there. Although I have no problem with seeing them, I notice that especially with the "quarterly" shops, the issues remain long term.
I've also noticed how some of the shops seem to be allowed to disregard certain mandatory photos ( counter photos, employee photos, outside photos and other typically mandatory photos.
So, I'm wondering, when these photos are not taken (due to the particular shop disallowing them), do these shops get penalized. Just who is requesting these photos? The client or is it Maritz?

Again, I'm just wondering. In the end, if I get paid whether I take the required photos or am disallowed taking them, as long as I perform the shop to its minimum and alert Maritz, it is not a biggie.

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The brand is requesting these audits. Each franchisee pays franchise fees including a compliance fee. If they pass these audits they get some of their compliance fee credited back to them. If not, too bad, sucka.
Sometimes the fixes are not worth the money to the franchisee and it's just cheaper to not get the credits.

Seriously, nobody cares that you're offended.
I've had an owner tell me he makes more selling the drug paraphernalia than anything else and will not remove it even if they take the franchise away. It's there every time I go.

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