the magical mystery world of Ath scheduling

So, now it is a 5 month rotation for FCR shops and 6 months for everything else.... Ok, change is good....
Yesterday, I get an email from Ath (and virtually every day, for that matter)...I apply, seeing several locations on the email that THEY sent me, asking me to apply, and today my apps are all erased. Poof!
Hmmm....but all those locations are still on the job board.... Hmmm....
I get it, sometimes jobs get snatched up, and they must list a zillion locations hoping to fill a small quota, but this happens every, single, day, for months now, and according to their staff, they just loved my work over the last few years....Now it has been a year since I have worked for Ath...can someone put some logic to this nightmare I am trying to figure out?

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For at least one of their clients, they cannot be shopped at any location for six months. Personally, I've started ignoring the emails since the same client's assignments now require the use of the shopper's real name.

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