Bestmark going out of business?

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This is the first I have hear of it , but I notice the shop are very far between one another lately. I hope not this is one of my better companys to work for when I can get work from them.
I've heard they got bought out by someone last year. I've noticed the shops are far and fewer.
Nothing lost here, low pay, horrible jobs, makes one wonder.....Karma is a B____.

Don't cry because it happened, smile because it's over....
Haven't had anything in my area in a while. Sad to see any company go unless they are horrible. Sign of the times more are dropping out or pay is getting worse.
I think I used to do $100+ veterinarian shops for them a LOOOONG time ago. Will def mis those!
Low pay and long reports. I got so frustrated with one report that I deactivated myself then some shops show up that I was interested in doing but could not get reactivated. Lesson learned, do not deactivated - haha. I guess it was no big loss.
Bestmark terminated our contract in 2007, because I refused to accept and complete their high work low pay jobs. Never, for a moment, did I ever regret their decision.
I only did their Italian restaurant shop. The rest were all car shops, and I did not have that brand of car. I haven't seen the Italian restaurant shop in two months, and they were shopped multiple times a month.
I got an email for a job this morning for "new" (i.e. updated) shop with "simplified instructions" and a "shortened survey." If they are going out of business, it won't be soon.

That said, they were the very first company I shopped for but aside from those first few shops I rarely did any more for them. I did a library shop a few months ago. Pay wasn't that great but it was different and I enjoyed it for the most part. Still didn't pay enough though. That's the only shop I've done for them in several years. The retail shop they sent the email about this morning doesn't sound too bad and the pay is okay, but not great. I hated it when I first started but I doubt it would be too bad now that I have some experience. That said, I still don't care for those kind of shops so the fee would still have to go up some more for me to take it.
I haven't heard rumors of a sale. However, I'm generally unconcerned with such stuff. In my area, BestMark has lost clients, and gained clients. Shops are still available, and some have recently even seen a fee increase. Their guidelines and reports are straightforward, they pay on a timely basis, and I've enjoyed working with Cory Walker for many years.
Bestmark got me started with MS. I do their phone shops regularly. I have shopped the dealerships in my area multiple time and hence, those shops have now disappeared. The phone shops are super easy and I don't mind the regular income that comes with it.
Their car shops fell off the list for me in a 2-3 hour radius. Now, I do still try to grab one when we're traveling but I miss the old ones. Out here in rural WV/KY I could frequently scoop one up for $50-$150 payment on top of the service. Now, just the usual fees but I can frequently wrap the report up in notes before leaving.

@audrialyn30 wrote:

They definitely got acquired. See article
So they haven't gone out of business....they've been bought out. But this was over a year ago, so we'll just have to see how it affects, if it does, the types of clients and the fees for the work. Time will tell.

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@marg704 wrote:

I only did their Italian restaurant shop. The rest were all car shops, and I did not have that brand of car. I haven't seen the Italian restaurant shop in two months, and they were shopped multiple times a month.

I did that first timer restaurant shop once and I was pleasantly surprised about the report being easier than it looked. Did a service shop for one of my trucks and it was okay. They did have a recent shop for a dining hall on a local university campus, but I really wasn’t up for the trip into town that late. Seemed interesting, but the yelp reviews on off hours were scary. Maybe I’ll resign back and try it.
I would say no, they're not going out of business. On the contrary, they are being reinvigorated. They have been acquired by a private equity firm which will likely infuse cash to fuel growth. It could get interesting.
They just put on the board today a bunch of new shops, some from regular clients and at least a new one.
Interesting. Often being bought out by a holding company is the first step towards corporate demise.

Based in MD, near DC
Shopping from the Carolinas to New York
Have video cam; will travel

Poor customer service? Don't get mad; get video.
Nada in my area now unless you have a kiddo. Not even the 2-3 hour 150+ mile ones. Bummer. I suppose I can start doing the Intelli versions if I can scoop one of those up. Full synthetic can be pricey if you travel a lot :/

The bulk of the shops I see from them are low paying, with required, non-reimbursed purchases. They don't seem that great.
I have seen fewer of their car service shops bit more of other kinds. They just tested out a payment through Paypal, and I got paid super quick. I have already been paid for 3 shops I did in June! The reports on the recent shops seemed easier then the ones I did last year. I hope they stay in business - I have only had good experiences with them so far!
When I was with them (for about a minute), they only had American car jobs, since I have a Honda, I had no need for their jobs, and we're talking about a year ago or longer.

Don't cry because it happened, smile because it's over....
I like them overall but would like it more if they had better paying shops and more variety.
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