Sinclair June Payments?

Has anyone gotten their checks from Sinclair for June shops? My shop log shows the check was "mailed" on or about July 27th...they say to wait "10 business days" to inquire...but really, it should not take over a week to arrive from anywhere in the US...what's up with this?

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My checks have always been a few - but not many - days long in arriving. That said, they just lost the their Texas bank client which might impact cash flow. With less than $100 in exposure, I'm not worried. If it takes an extra week, que sera, sera.
I’ve been waiting for my check, too. I have the Informed Daily Digest with USPS so I get a scan of all non-package mail pieces in my email the morning that they are due to arrive...nothing from Sinclair yet.
When it wasn’t in today’s mail, I called them - they asked me to wait until Friday, and then if I haven’t received the check, they’ll check their returned mail? In my case, it is over $100, and right at this moment, it is needed...
I haven't got mine either. I did several shops for a big bank and my scheduler went AWOL for the week I did it, with no response. I completed them and they were accepted, but very strange I got no communication, when I did get responses very fast the week before.
Mine is over $100 too. I haven't heard from a scheduler in a little while I use to get texts all the time from them. Now they are automatic texts from the website and when I go on the website there are only shops for this week.
I didn’t get my check in July and was told to email them if I hadn’t received it by August 1 which I did but no reply. I have not heard back about the June due in July check and have not gotten the July due to receive in August check yet either.
Same for me too. Looking over my last few payments from them, they were "outgoing" per the website on the 27th and I had deposited them on the 3rd of the next month. This is a little later than expected, but hopefully it will be here soon.
Received one today in Texas

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Not in today's mail either...this is absurd. It doesn't take 9 or 10 business days for mail to move anywhere in the US....
Not in mine either. This is crazy. It is no wonder they have to offer big bonuses - people are leery of taking on shops.
I received this reply to an inquiry that I made: We apologize for any inconvenience on not receiving your check. Our mail goes out in the late afternoon and July 27th was on a Friday so most likely the checks started going out on MON 7/30. If you have not received your check by MON 8/13 please email your scheduler and they can ask our accounting dept if the check was returned for any reason.
Almost word-for-word what I was told on the phone, except she told me to wait until it's Monday?
@Mousegal wrote:

Almost word-for-word what I was told on the phone, except she told me to wait until it's Monday?

And last month I was told I had to wait until the beginning of the next month. I don’t have that check yet either. Although I believe that may have been an address issue (I checked my profile and although my street address was correct there was a different town and Zip code). I replied back Aug 2 as requested and have not heard anything.
Still waiting here. UPDATE - received in yesterday's mail (8/10).

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In the mail today - postage mark is Aug. 6th. So if you're still waiting, looks like checks went out about a week after the company thinks they did.
Still waiting on my check too in NC and I can also use it. Love their ducky shops but lately they are few and far between. Just got my fix in yesterday for one and now have a sugar buzz on! I never see their shops bonused in my areasad smiley Maybe $1 or two added to the bank ones but that's it. Love to work with them but it does seem like their checks sometimes are quite late. I have always received them so not going to complain!
I'm still waiting on my payment. This is the first time in 3 years they've been late. I just sent them an e-mail. If I don't hear from them soon, I'll call them.
I received mine 8/10... (Chicago area)

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According to the informed delivery from the post office mines in the mail for delivery today.
@pegleg2000 wrote:

According to the informed delivery from the post office mines in the mail for delivery today.

Same here.
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