BARE International Pay

Infuriating. I did a club shop for BARE and received $2 less than the shop was posted at. No citation, no problems, just docked. And nobody will respond to my emails. Has anyone ever been successful suing these companies in small claims court for no pay/docked pay? I've looked it up and it's clearly breach of contract.

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Have you contacted Bare and ask why? It could be an honest mistake.

Do you still have the assigned e-mail they sent you showing the amount, date and location?
Their phone number is on their site, as I recall. Ask to speak with accounting. When they make mistakes, they own up and pay up. Just be professional and let us know how it goes.

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How did you get paid? Some MSCs "charge" for PayPal.

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BARE is 100% above board. They wouldn't cheat you out of $2.00. The only question is who made the mistake - BARE in paying you or you in thinking you should have been paid more than you did. Call them. E-mail them. Either way, it is a simply thing to figure out.
I'm a little frustrated with them - waiting on a payment for an April shop. They say they are looking into it so fingers crossed. Shouldn't take this much effort to get payment.
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