Is Market Force Using Inexperienced/Poor Schedulers From the U.S. These Days?

Maybe the MF schedulers are not allowed to text the offers to shoppers. I will pose this question to the next scheduler who calls me.

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May be. My scheduler receives my texts and either calls me or assigns the shop but has never texted back.
I ought to e-mail the help desk and ask if they text? I know they want shops done ASAP and most don't leave messages. A while back I had a scheduler leave me a voice mail asking if I can do xxxxx shop.. I did not call back because it was a shop that I was not insterted in
I'm fine with schedulers texting me as long as they are not mass texting and they give me enough information, such as THEIR NAMES. It really annoys me when a scheduler doesn't identify themselves -- especially if they work for a company like ACL that changes schedulers often. It's even worse when a scheduler texts me from different phone numbers and not identify themselves.
@Tarantado wrote:

They use both. The US schedulers are typically the ones that offer the sweetest bonuses for me grinning smiley

My Filipino cousins are easier to negotiate with though since they have a specific way in negotiating themselves:

Kuya: "I can offer you this shop for $6."
Me: "$47, please."
Kuya: "What about $18? That is our max."
Me: "$47, please."
Kuya: "Looking at my records, I can offer you $45."
Me: "$47, please."
Kuya: "Okay, I can assign you for $47."

This is SO true!!!
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