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My check finally arrived in the mail today. Postmarked for 1/7 so 1. I was blatantly lied to by alta360 it was NOT mailed on the 31st it was mailed on the 7th a whole week later and 2. thats explains why they just kept saying be pateient and rushing me off phone. I kinda had a feeling that was the case and even told the hubby that i had a feeling pays were being staggered this month possibly alta360 having some financial issue So i believe i will probably stick by my decision to not do jobs for them any more. Had they just been honest with me i probably would have understood but i cant understand being told a lie. So beware folks not looking good for alta360 possibly having a problem paying. Smh

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Kelly, I get you had problems due to receiving checks in the mail. I don't agree about anyone having to beware, however. I'd say that your circumstances are unusual. I have been shopping for them since about 2004 (when they were Ritter and Associates) and have NEVER had any payment issues for them. If new shoppers decide to sign up with them, make sure you sign up for direct deposit to avoid any problems.

For those who say that Alta doesn't pay well, I say just pick and choose your assignments. I do some convenience store assignments for them that pay $7 each and reimburse up to $4, which may not seem like much, but in my area these stores are clustered together, often with locations being within a couple of miles from each other, and I can do 4-5 locations quite easily in an hour, including report time (I do them on the Mobi Audit app). That comes out to $28-$35 per hour (not including reimbursement), and I can easily do 40-50 of these stores in my area within 10-14 days...and these stores are all within about 20 miles of my house. I do agree there are other assignments that don't pay well for the amount of time spent completing them, but I just wait for those to get bonused.
Im not asking anyone to agree with me thats not what this is its a forum to state your opinion and everyone is entitled to their own and doesnt really matter who agrees with it and who doesnt. Thats not the issue here any way everyone is well aware of how much the job pays before they accept it and has the option to not accept it if they feel its not enough. If you read all of my comments i said i never had an issue before this either and enjoyed wroking with them. The issue is i was not paid on time per our contract. Every piece of mail that enters every United States Post Office is postmarked and my check was postmarked for Jan 7th not Dec 31st as i was told it was.
With Alta 360 Research they process all checks from the prior month, on the ,last day of the following month. If it's a paper check it is not going to arrive till the 10 the of the following month. I took everyone's sage advice and have everything Direct Deposited. Alta is my very favorite company to work for. Although schedulers don't seem to stay long or their rotated, but a great friendly bunch of folks.5 Stars!!
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