Please help with IPSOS

Omg is there anyway to contact someone at IPSOS urgently? I had 16 green shops left to do. I woke up at 7am and bought $50 in gift cards and put gas in my car and drove an hour and a half to get to the area my shops are. After i got done with my 5th shop, on my way to my 6th, i went to sync my shops and they all just disappeared. I don't know what to do. Omg i miss the old company so much! Im sitting in a parking lot panicking right now.

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The scheduler is not going to be able to help with technical issues. I would try syncing again, maybe it's just a glitch.
Try checking the site on internet. If needed, you can use the desktop site on your phone (not easily, though).

Wow. What happened?

Tech needs backup. When I'm on a route, I have the first page of each assignment printed out hardcopy. If all else fails, I'll have the address, etc.; and I should be professional enough to complete the assignment from that alone.

I feel for ya!!!
Yes, please let us know what happened.

I do know that at times I saw a due date (say March 17 for example) and assumed I had all day to do the shops, but then got an overdue notice in the afternoon of March 17. It was then that I noticed the shops were actually due at 2 a.m. (02:59). I thought I had all day on March 17th to do them, but in reality they should have been completed on March 16. In my case, my shops did not disappear and I emailed my scheduler letting them know what happened, and I got them done ASAP.

Driving 1.5 hours for nothing sucks. I hope it worked out okay.
A little off topic but do you all like the way the IPOS site has changed? I can not find where to look for avaiable shops now . Any tips
Mobi has been so touchy for the past several months. I turned off the auto sync function and just completed everything locally on my phone then synced everything when I got home onto reliable wifi. I've had far fewer issues with it since.

Seriously, nobody cares that you're offended.
Sorry it took so long to respond. Well the shops were overdue, but I was picking up 70-90 shops at a time, so as long as I kept getting them done, I was getting extensions. Well I was updating my scheduler all week and then I went to do the shops this day. I have auto sync turned off, so when I accidentally synced that day, the shops were all removed. Well I was not told that my scheduler had changed and my shops were removed for being overdue. After tons of emails I was given back the shops that were completed, but I did lose the others. Then, when I was given back the shops, I couldn't even do them because I use the app and I couldn't remember any of the names other info after I was home. Really it was my fault for being overdue but then again, at the time, I was really upset no one had notified me of the scheduler change either. After that I have done many more shops with no issues and good communication. It was a day lost and many miles drove for nothing, but it was a lesson learned to always sync throughout the day.
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