IPSOS Gas Station Audit SVB # on Cure Sheet?

I am doing several of these audits tomorrow. You are supposed to complete the cure sheet and leave behind with the station. At the top of the cure sheet it says SVB # and Visit ID #. Can anyone tell me what exactly these are? I have no idea on the SVB #. The job description doesn't specifically list a visit ID but I do see a location number. I've emailed the scheduler, but of course it takes a while for them to get back. Hoping someone here can help...thanks!

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Try the Excel spreadsheet at the top of the page when you log in. It's right below the giant "LOGOUT" button.
It has the Visit ID's for other projects. It might have them for yours.
It's the visit ID for both. The visit ID is right next to the address.

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Hmm..I've been putting the station number that's next to the station name for the SVB# and I've been leaving the visit ID # blank. I thought it might have been a leftover from the previous company that always wanted their VID on everything. I'll have to check out the VID #

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The scheduler told me to put the location address for SVB and then the location number for visit ID. Of course I had already started my route before I got the reply, so I used something else. But luckily I just wrote the address and location number on each cure sheet, so it should be ok.
With the old company, I put in my Company ID for the SVB.
I had no idea what SVB was and never asked.
Nothing ever happened
There is nothing in the guidelines to tell us how they want this filled out. There is nothing in the guidelines, the video, or the update letter. Had an incorrectly filled out sheet as part of a list of grievances with a returned shop. There is no mention of taking a photo of it before you leave the station in the guidelines, video, or update letter, either. (or did I missed it?). The leave-behind photo is mentioned at the end of the printed copy of the evaluation.

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I never saw anything in any documentation (and I read it all). However I completed the audit with the app and it tells you to submit a photo of it. Otherwise I would not have had one. I never knew what the SVB# was either. I just left it blank. Then I read somewhere that it's the number of the gas station, found in the name/address section. Either way I never got any feedback.
The scheduler told me about an hour ago (when I asked about it) to put the store address for the SVB and the shop ID for the visit ID.

The scheduler told me about an hour ago (when I asked about it) to put the store address for the SVB and the shop ID for the visit ID.

I've done about 25 of these this month, and this is what I've done. I was also told this by a scheduler. I haven't had any questions about them.
The visit ID is on you initial assignment but the other number I called about and was told to ignore.
@Elizabeth CM wrote:

The SVB # is the location ID, that is all you need. Thank you!

Elizabeth, thank you for chiming in.
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