Help, laid up, need company names that do a lot of phone/web shops

Hello all,

I just found out today that I have to have surgery on my foot on the 30th. From now until then, I am not supposed to bear weight on it at all.

I signed up with BestMark, but they will only allow me to accept 3 calls since I'm new. Do any of you have any other companies that do phone/web shops?

Thank you,

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Many companies have phone shops. Sign up with the companies listed on the bottom of the page.
Try: they are not scammy. I get 2 or less emails a week and they have legitimate contacts for work at home jobs. You may find just what you're looking for.
Reality Based Group, See Level HX, Intellishop, Customer Service Experts, Service Sleuths. I received emails about phone shops over the past week from all of them. I hate phone shops so I have no idea what they entail. If I were in your position I would do them, though. Hope you get back on your feet (literally) quickly.
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If you have done a defined number of shops (can't remember how many) for EPMS, you're eligible to do their phone shops.
If you can get in JM Ridgeway has storage center phone shops. You can get a regualr like 50 a month. Bare has a few phone shops as do most mscs. Shoppers view has a ton but low paying. Others I have done phone shops for are Confidential consumer, confero, and seelevelhx.

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@BuffaloNY101 wrote:

Shoppers view has a ton but low paying.

Hi, Tania. I'm sorry to hear that you'll need surgery. I wish you a speedy recovery! BuffaloNY101 is correct that Shoppers' View has phone shops every month. Regarding our phone shop pay - we have raised the base pay for all phone shops to $4 to be more in line with industry standards (I wasn't sure if you had checked us out since then, BuffaloNY101 smiling smiley ). You can register with us at []. If you need any assistance or have any questions, please contact us at 800-864-5677 or Happy shopping!

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Hi, Tania! We offer Phone Shops, as well as Online Chat, Email, and Internet shops; things you can do post-surgery at home. You can register with us, if you aren't already ( Phone shops we offer pay "industry standards" or higher. If you have questions, feel free to contact us at Shoppers, Inc., 1-800-259-8551 or 918-251-0154 or email us:
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