Any phone number for IPSOS?

I've been trying to reach my scheduler to reschedule my shops. Is there a phone number to call or any way to reach a supervisor at IPSOS? The most frustrating aspect of working with them is the scheduling process. I very rarely experience good communication...many times I don't even get a response.

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Snuffy, if I had any numbers, I would gladly share with you.

I often e-mail schedulers several times. As a last resort, I'll put all caps in the subject line "Urgent. May I have the courtesy of a reply?" Also, be sure to always put the name of the type of shop and the city in the subject line. That seems to help.
Thanks cease. I did get a reply so I'm good now. But, I appreciate your advice. I'm sure I'll be in the same situation again in the near future.
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