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I have been working for Market Force for going on three years. At some point in time each month, there would be listings of at least 200-300 available jobs. For the last couple months that number has never exceeded 100. I also notice that some of the shops I used to do are no longer listed. Their whole system seems to have changed. I would get phone calls usually once a week for jobs; not any more. I also noticed that jobs will come off the list only to show up sometime later in the month. Does anyone know what's going on with this????

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I don't get phone calls anymore but I do get emails now with an offer and link for getting the offer. I like it better than the phone call.
I actually had a couple of contacts that I could call (not the people from the Phillipines) and she would be able to negotiate some of the jobs; however, there seems to be a lack of jobs, period.
I used to get calls too, I guess it is slowly circling the drain at least DD payment is on time now smiling smiley Hopefully I receive the money by Monday or Tuesday whenever they said. The sad part about the link though is that they usually offer only an extra $2 dollars. I mean c'mon. If the original fee for the shop was 6, now it is $8. meh. I guess I am too greedy! I have found better offers for $9 and $11 dollar bonused by just checking manually. Is this normal? I'm not sure but that is how I snag the ones that pay decent.

I also like rare non burger shops, they occasionally have a Chinese fast food however it JUST pays for the plate (since the price provided is actually higher than the cost of the plate). They give you 12 bucks for a plate that is about 11 bucks lol even though a 4 dollar fee is provided. Not complaining to LOL The meal is delish so why not.

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Looks like it may be time to sign up with a LOT more MSCs ??

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I am signed up with quite a few other companies, but MF usually provided the bulk of my income. This month has been dismal!!!
I've always found that checking the website for shops that offer bidding worked better than all the $2 bonus offers I got. I even tried sending the Help Desk offers--since there was a notice that you could always bid on any jobs. That never worked.
For what it's worth, my DD is showing in my account today, 5/18 as pending, but available so you all should see payment by Monday for DD.

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When I do my search, I only have 16 show up near me, all but 3 are burger shops. Same if I look at the closest city. They used to call all the time and that got really annoying. They would try 3 or 4 times before they finally left a message. I'm glad they stopped that, I'd rather just go look at the job board when I want to.

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I have a shop next week almost 50 miles away. Using the zip code of the shop location, several shops appeared nearby and on the way.
I've gotten several calls over the past week, but their timing was lousy. The phone always rang when I was driving or somewhere where I couldn't answer it. They never left a message.

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If you were doing theater assignments, some of those are now available through Movie Measure.

If you were not, try registering with MFI Theater division, they may have some shops that you might not be seeing now on the blue portal. Also, feel free to sign up for Movie Measure smiling smiley
They have definitely made major changes and are not paying the bonuses they used to. I still get calls, but far fewer. A scheduler told me they are basing pay for routes on the total miles traveled, rather than going by the highest amount that had been paid in the recent past as they used to. Jobs are sitting there forever, and they won't raise the pay enough to get someone to do remote locations.
I picked up a job yesterday morning which had not been on the website for the past few weeks. It was only available for yesterday and fortunately it was close to home. It paid over twice the usual fee but still not what I was getting previously. The maximum for jobs seems to have dropped. And, obviously, if you don't watch the website, often, you won't find those jobs that have been bonused.
While I'm registered to do the movie shops, I have not done any. I may check the other web site you suggested. I looked at the blue portal a few times, but most of the theaters were quite a distance away.
I too have noticed a drop off in jobs. I've only had a dozen or so for this month so far. The calls have almost stopped. My regular bonuses are being declined. I have started offering to do shops through emails to the help desk, but have only gotten 2 out of a dozen or so. Maybe if I was willing to do $5 shops I'd have more jobs, but I'm not. Unless I just want to do a shop (good food) I won't do one for less than $15. What is happening here? MF used to keep me very busy.

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I hope that the current situation isn't a permanent one. All that's on the board for me are burgers, home improvement and the BOB grocery shop I won't touch with a $50 pole anymore for a total of 13 shops. We don't have a lot of chains, so that number really never gets that high, but this is the lowest amount of shops available I've seen in a long time.

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I had been doing about 40 jobs a month previously. So far, this month, I've had 8! I will only do a low paying job if I happen to be in the area for another company and it's convenient. At this point, though, even the low paying jobs have dwindled down to next to nothing. I was getting $18 for most of my jobs; now the top is $15 and even that's not very often. I've tried emails to the help desk and have never been awarded the jobs for my offers. I do work for many other companies, but I'm disappointed in Market Force.
When I first started shopping I read on this forum a warning to not be dependent on MarketForce, that they dump people without any warning and won't say why. I did a lot of shops for them but then they dropped me from one of the mobile phone programs butI had already signed up with lots of MSC's and worked with a lot of different companies. I am seeing the same thing now in my area, there were only 18 jobs on the board this month. I've been very busy anyway because I had been warned and had taken action.

Now I'm just passing it on. If a lot of your shopping income comes from MarketForce, get to signing up with more companies. I like them, they are a great company but never, ever, depend on them.
I am signed up with a good number of other companies, which keep me busy enough. I was just wondering why there was such a dramatic drop in the number of jobs offered. While I'm showing about 70, most are farther than I will go. This is as opposed to the 200 to 300 I was previously seeing.
I just recently started with them, and get emails having done two of the same jobs. I really am not sure I want to do it a third time as reimbursement doesn't fully cover food, so, I asked for a small bonus telling them why. Second time I asked and second time, I am ignored. MFJ needs to negotiate for me. lol

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@Irene_L.A. wrote:

I just recently started with them, and get emails having done two of the same jobs. I really am not sure I want to do it a third time as reimbursement doesn't fully cover food, so, I asked for a small bonus telling them why. Second time I asked and second time, I am ignored. MFJ needs to negotiate for me. lol

Irene, I have noticed that prices vary in many of the chain type food places. We in Southern Calif and other pricey metro places probably have higher menu prices than much of the country. I am thinking higher base wages ($13+ an hour here vs $2+ in some places)and the price of real estate here contribute to the menu prices. Unfortunately it does not seem that the set reimbursements for national chains vary based on this discrepancy. And due to an oversupply of shoppers they do not seem to feel the need to raise these fees/reimbursements although lately I have seen lots of shops go begging. I think it is finally starting to sink in at some msc that with full employment and higher wages and prices they are going to have to pay some bonuses even here but the change is coming slowly. Still most I see are either no bonus for a rush job due the same day as the email or a pittance of a bonus like a dollar or two but even those now offering a dollar or two is a big change.If you are following the Del Taco debacle that quickly went to a much higher pay. Perhaps a sign changes are coming.
@MrsChaney wrote:

What was the Del Taco debacle?

It was a new client where you could originally get reimbursed up to $10 with no fee. The catch was that you were only allowed to order one taco ($2.50 or so) and could add a soda only if it was directly suggested. You also had to take numerous pictures and fill out a form. In a quick fix they allowed you to get a combo , again only if suggested. And they added a small fee too. I have not done the shop but the original shop you had the potential of getting reimbursed $2.50 with no fee but with a report with pictures etc. I doubt they had many takers at the orig "pay" of one taco for the job. It only took a week or two for them to change the guidelines and pay.
I did one and feel they do upsell, so you have to get a meal and mine cost 8.52 for a lousey meal, not a fan of Vegan meat. You get reimbursement cost of meal and a 5.00 fee. Cost way too much for that place, never again.

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@MrsChaney wrote:

What was the Del Taco debacle?
Mrs Chaney, just fyi this is not a MF job. . Just an example of higher fees in the whole world of mystery shopping.
I've notice the last few calls I have received that they are keeping detailed not on us, (or at least me.) They have made comments like, I s this is done location that you do, or you did it of XXX last time. The last call asked me why I would not do a shop for less than X.XX he went on to question me as to why? did I not like the food? Did I have to drive too far and several other questions. When I finally said I did not like the food that well, he said. "Okay I had to know so I could put it on your card." I have not received a call since that one and it has been a couple of weeks when I was getting them almost daily by different schedulers before that.
@pegleg2000 wrote:

I don't get phone calls anymore but I do get emails now with an offer and link for getting the offer. I like it better than the phone call.
Easier to understand, that’s for sure.

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