Ipsos login page changed?

The same URL but now one page for Shopmetrics and Sassie. Fine, except the Shopmetrics login doesn't work. Anybody else having this problem?

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I did have that same issue and just gave up on the Shopmetrics one thinking I'll try it later.

Shopping the South Jersey Shore
I assume they'll fix it but in the meantime I found this old link in my bookmark file and it works.

I don't know.That old link gets me into their Shopmetrics page with no problem. They changed their login page literally overnight and hopefully they'll fix it just as quickly.

Edited to add: Their emails have a quick login link. That gives partial access at least.

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@panama18 wrote:

I assume they'll fix it but in the meantime I found this old link in my bookmark file and it works.

Thanks, panama18!! That may come in handy sometime!!

What I noticed at first is that I didn't see a login button under the Metrics site once I signed in, but there was a login button under the Sassie site. So the first time, I just typed in my Metrics credentials, and hit my enter key, and it took me in. The next time I wanted to get in, I hit my F11 key, and it removed the top and bottom borders on the screen of my laptop, and there was the login button for Metrics!! Just now, I again had to press the F11 key to see the Login button, but once I did that the Login button stayed even after I hit the F11 key to bring back the top and bottom borders. So it seems they have a few quirks to work out.

But I'm glad for that old login, Panama18!! Thanks again!
It's working fine now. It looks like they added a login button under the Shopmetrics side. Or maybe my taskbar blocked it. Who knows. Glad you like the link. My bookmark file is desperate for a decluttering but every once in a while some old link proves useful.
Is anyone else having problems with the IPSOS app? I can't login no matter what I do. I went to the web site and changed my password to make sure I wasn't messing up the password and still can't get in.
I have noticed that there are two urls. One keeps sending me shop notices and the other one is where I registered. I am wondering if one of them is a mirror site that is a scam. Any suggestions?
One of the urls is shopmetrics and I rescheduled shops and seen them on my shop log only to try to enter the report and find that they have been removed. Dawn said that I did not request a reschedule but I have a snip of the date changes. How did the change get onto my page if I never requested it. It seems that they are not communicating within their system. This makes it BAD for us. We take the risks (time, money, etc.) but they mess it up. Good luck working for Shopmetrics.
This new half Shopmetrics, half SASSIE is the WORST! Half of the time I'll enter my login (in either platform) and it has no record of me. Then the next time it works. They have a new client with jobs that they were begging people to take and yet when assigned, the magical sticky notes hadn't been applied yet, You also have to take a quiz and you couldn't tell what scenario you needed to read the guidelines for. Then the guidelines and scenarios were there, but you couldn't access them after you completed the test. Then you had to do two surveys (one long, one short). All for $14. It was a mess. And worse - I knew more about the object than the Retail Sales Associate. They really ought to gear up the training of the RSAs BEFORE they have the locations shopped.
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