Ipsos Schedulers Can't Find Shops with Location Name and Address?

I want to pick up two additional phone shops with Ipsos since I will be right near them in the next week when they need to be done.

Since it says only one per customer, I e-mailed the scheduler as requested on the self assign page. The scheduler said she couldn't find the shop with this location information copied and pasted from the website:

Jun 6 Phone Company Name XXXX, 1234 Jefferson Rd, Rochester, NY, 14623, United States

I was asked for the shop number so the scheduler could find the shop. I told her to search by the zip code and she said she didn't have that capability?????

I don't see anywhere the shop number is listed on the "Apply" page.

Please help.

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I just had the same experience with a different MSC and found the shop ID in the URL of the application page.

Random factoid: I know that area of Rochester, I used to spend a lot of time there as a kid. Alas, now I live several states away.
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