Does Observa pay quick even on the weekends?

I have a bit of an financial emergency and need to make a quick 10-40 bucks, do they pay fast even on saturday or sunday?

any feedback would help.


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** YMMV, of course. **

On 5/25, completed 4 opps and these were paid 5/26 via Paypal.
On 5/26, completed 1 opp and it was paid 5/26 also.

PS - that was a holiday weekend, so kudos to Observa.

Greetings from southeastern Wisconsin on the Illinois stateline
great that would be helpful and fingers crossed.

Thanks for the quick reply, I will try my luck!
On weekdays I have seen them process payments within an hour, and have received payments as late as 11 pm CT. On weekends/holidays I believe the stop processing around 5pm or so. As JSM2019 said, anything not processed that day will usually process by 5pm the following day.
Sadly I did a shop yesterday nothing, but it was after 5pm EST and another today meh

So for others nope
I hope the pymts are processed quickly for you tomorrow.

Greetings from southeastern Wisconsin on the Illinois stateline
Thank you, last 2 days pay has been sorta slow, 1 even took about 30+ hours. Oh well, at least I got paid now. I got spoiled with their within the hour payments.

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Jake from Observa here! As you have read from a few posts, we usually pay out the same day and in most cases within 2 hours. With this being said, the number of submissions we are getting is increasing very rapidly. All submissions enter a queue to get validated. We are constantly working to make sure the queue never gets too long. Due to the launch of a few major projects our queue can get slightly backed up. Our payment for a validated Observation should never take any longer than 3-4 days. Thank you all for contributing to these threads and helping others become observers!

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Good to know, I will have to sit one my hands for this on. Thanks for at least getting back to me. I did 4 shops today so the quicker the better as I always do my best and usually provide extra photos.

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I did 2 observa jobs between 3-5pm on a Fri and received payment the following day (Sat)
They are back to paying quick, thank the heavens lol Anyone know how their random bonus works? Is it the more Observas the better? Also having an issue with some gas stations/locations that have no attendant or incorrectly labeled as they have no actual gas stations. I emailed but they must be backed up, no respinse in 2 days. Any advise goes a long way.

Thanks guys

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They claim it is a random drawing. Legally speaking, it is an illegal lottery (not a bonus) for which they refuse to provide official rules or a free entry method, and since they refuse to provide a list of winners there is no way to verify they are even conducting the lottery. Don't hold your breath.

They are also prohibited by both US and Canadian law from paying out on a lottery to Canadian citizens (sorry Mysteriousways).

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